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The Love Connection with Li’l Nate

Sometimes I get into email fights with irrelevant bozos just for the pure, sadistic sport of it. So it is with a has-been yet still wet-behind-the-ears yahoo named Nathan Taylor who has elevated the childish rant to a new level in his blog, concluding his most recent post with: “Good luck Chuckie….your political influence is now about equal to ZERO!”

Oh, and before I forget….my Candidate Training 101 workshop tomorrow night is sold out. A second one will be held on June 24th in Las Vegas – and an additional one has been added in Reno on July 1st.

But back to Li’l Nate.

After whining about GOP elected officials who didn’t give him a bailout after he reportedly mishandled the finances for a Young Republican convention in Vegas a few years ago, they youngster pretty much disappeared from the political scene – thankfully. As a campaign strategist, Li’l Nate made an excellent cocktail waitress.

And it appears after ditching his go-nowhere political career, Li’l Nate developed some “expertise” in another area altogether. HERE, take a minute to ponder the depth and genius that is Nathan Taylor on the matter or boy/girl relationships:

“In today’s fast paced society, it makes romance even harder to attain. . . . For a woman, she can simply say ‘I Love You’ and maybe rub her man’s feet at the end of the night. Not to be funny, but enjoying a sports program with your man does more for him than you will ever know. Most woman, especially my girlfriend is not a really into sports, but when she says to me ‘lets watch Nascar,’ my eyes light up and I’m in heaven.”

Oh, brother. Why Republican candidates, especially women, aren’t beating down Li’l Nate’s door for campaign advice is a mystery to me.


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