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The Little Caucus that Couldn’t

As I tweeted Sunday night and wrote yesterday morning, the “Little Caucus that Couldn’t” issued a short press release yesterday that was rather stiff and legalistic, leading me to suspect it was written by government employee/lawyer Assemblyman Wes Duncan…

Members of the Assembly Republican Caucus met with Assemblyman Jim Wheeler last night over the matter of his recent public remarks. The following statement was unanimously approved by all Caucus members.

“The Assembly Republican Caucus hereby reprimands Assemblyman Jim Wheeler for his offensive comments regarding slavery and the relationship between Northern and Southern Nevada. His comments were divisive and do not reflect the Republican values of the Caucus and we wholeheartedly repudiate them in their totality.”

What a bunch of weenies.

Where’s the reprimand for moderate Assembly Minority Leader Pat Hickey, who cheered the fact that minorities wouldn’t be voting is such large numbers next election cycle and referred to his “yellow” wife and “olive-colored” children? Why didn’t the caucus, like, totally repudiate Hickey’s offensive comments? Or do Hickey’s comments reflect the Republican values of this Gumby caucus?

And while they were at it, why didn’t the caucus similarly reprimand moderate Gov. Brian Sandoval and wholeheartedly repudiate his comments in support of forcing Jews to wear yellow stars on their clothing if the Nevada Legislature passed such a law? How is voting for Nazis better than voting for slave owners?

But let’s go back even further…

Where was the Assembly Republican Caucus press release immediately reprimanding Democrat Assemblyman Steven Brooks for threatening to shoot Assembly Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick earlier this year?

And where was the Assembly Republican Caucus press release demanding that Democrat Assemblyman Andrew Martin – who had been ruled ineligible to represent his district because he didn’t live in it – not be seated?

And where was the Assembly Republican Caucus press release slamming Democrat Assemblyman Jason Frierson for single-handedly killing the Amanda Collins Campus Carry bill despite the votes being there in his committee to pass the bill to the full floor of the Legislature and probably into law?

No, when it comes to issuing tough press releases of total outrage and wholehearted repudiation, these GOP Gumbies can only seem to muster the courage of Microsoft Word when going after a conservative colleague.

In keeping with my own conservative Republican values, I wholeheartedly repudiate this do-nothing/stand-for-nothing caucus in its totality!


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