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The Little Blogger Who Couldn’t

‘Jihadi Jon” Ralston

Nevada’s King of Fake News, liberal blogger Jon Ralston, was thoroughly embarrassed in the Democrat presidential debate dumpster fire this week when the self-described “moderator” was given ONE chance to query the candidates over the span of two full hours…

And wasted it by claiming we have a “heat emergency” in Las Vegas (Hello? We’re a desert!) and asking the candidates about global warming.  Good Lord.

Now, you might have thought the debate was about, you know, the candidates who are running for the highest office in the land.  But as we know, in Ralston’s mind the universe revolves around him.  He’s the original #MeToo guy.  It’s always about HIM.

So even after serving as nothing more than a potted plant on stage Wednesday night, Jonny Boy still found a way to make it all about HIM in his post-debate self-examination this morning…

I wanted to share my thoughts on the debate from my moderator’s vantage point, looking through two prisms:  Who did well, and what it means for the caucus.  It was quite something to be that close to the action, and the experience was so fulfilling. (Yes, I wish I had more time, but my expectations were low and they were met. I tried to make the best of my time and just be me.)”

Nine references to the Great and Powerful Jon in four short sentences.

“I gotta be me, I’ve gotta be me
“What else can I be but what I am”

And Jon’s just flat-out lying.  His expectations were sky-high.  He actually thought he was on the same level playing field as his hero, Chuck Todd, and Lester Holt…who gave him the ol’ W.C. Fields treatment:

“Go away kid, ya bother me.”


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