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The Libertarian Factor

As I’ve been saying for years, the GOP’s failure to live up to their stated limited-government beliefs often results in conservatives voting for Libertarian Party alternatives who might be on the ballot, thus “spoiling” the race for the Republican candidate.

Between the fact that the LP put forward its most credible presidential candidate in history this year – former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson – and the dissatisfaction on Ron Paul supporters who establishment Republicans used them like a door mat (again) this cycle, it now appears that Libertarian candidates may very well have cost the GOP at least nine major races in this year’s elections.

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Again, I’ll point out the stupidity of Republicans devoting so much time and attention to reaching out to constituencies that are diametrically opposed to the GOP message rather than reaching out to “base” voters they’re losing who are already predisposed to agree with them philosophically.

And THAT’S why they continue to lose so many otherwise winnable races.


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