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The Laxalt Laxative: Conservatives Let Loose & Vent

(Chuck Muth) – Hoo-boy, did I ever open a can of worms with yesterday’s Muth’s Truths about the upcoming GOP primary for the Nevada U.S. Senate seat between Adam Laxalt and Sam Brown (and a gaggle of other wannabes).

While neither endorsing nor opposing either candidate, I did critique some of the deficiencies of both candidates and their campaigns as they vie for the right to challenge Democrat incumbent Sen. Catherine Cortez-Masto-Reid.

But my reference to Laxalt’s 2018 gubernatorial campaign as “un-inspiring” inspired a flood of Nevada conservatives to unleash heretofore bottled-up, raw emotions about the former Nevada attorney general.  Their displeasure is deep and intense.

I’m not going to disclose names.  But the following samples are indicative of the kinds of emails I received and, frankly, have heard about Laxalt over the past couple of years – especially after he lost the 2018 race against Democrat Gov. Steve Sisolak

  • “I know Sam well and he’s an honest, good man. I cannot say that with regards to Laxalt. And I’m not alone. We will not win the seat in the general with Laxalt. This is no bueno.”
  • “Adam Laxalt is as worthless as tits on a boar hog. He is a poor communicator – no wait, he is a horrible communicator. He couldn’t get a real job, like most Americans, so he became a politician.  Hearsay has it that he has dizzy spells 24/7 trying to continually lean the same way the wind is blowing on political issues.”
  • “IMHO, Laxalt has no chance against Masto even with Trump’s support. They may have been classmates, but he is no (Florida Gov.) Ron DeSantis. In fact, Laxalt comes across as slow and dim. Decades old name recognition will not carry the day. … If the state GOP endorses Laxalt and pushes his candidacy we can look forward to another 6 years of Masto.”
  • “My son attended the same school Adam Laxalt’s daughter did, so I had the chance to casually meet and talk to him a few times at school events. Laxalt’s biggest problem: he has the charisma of a wooden plank. … I’d submit to you that there is simply no way Laxalt can win any future campaign in Nevada because he is boring and not personable.”
  • “As far as Laxalt goes, he could lose on what one would call his personality, or lack thereof, alone. I met him at a fundraiser several years ago.  He was detached, ungracious and he impressed me as a limp, cold, wet dishrag.  Not a good set of skills for winning an important contested race.”
  • “About Laxalt, his biggest problem is fear of appearing before crowds that don’t fawn over him. He won’t get out of his comfort zone to hustle for votes among Dems and Independents.  He showed his M.O. running for governor in 2018 and won’t even talk to people for two minutes he doesn’t know.  As for (Dean) Heller, he is the biggest pocket of untapped natural gas in the Silver State.  He will bloviate on any subject, and then act to support his inflated opinion of his own magnificence.”
  • “I volunteered for Laxalt in 2018 and begged three different members of his campaign staff to have Laxalt have nothing to do with Roberson. Of course, no one listened to me, and Laxalt’s campaign went down in flames. … I’m not inclined to involve myself in the future with either Laxalt or Howdy Doody Heller.”
  • “Afternoon Chuck. I get your analysis on Laxalt and Sam. However, we in Northern Nevada really took a liking to Sam, and many moan when they hear Laxalt’s name. He cannot win the general – no way, no how – especially with Heller tagging along. As we know Heller will never win Governor, because WE will not support that.”

  • “Laxalt is a mediocre candidate, and if tied to Heller it will be a disaster for Nevada conservatives. Frankly, if he doesn’t loudly and clearly jettison Heller, I’m voting for Sam in the primary … simply to keep Heller’s stink off our candidate.  I’d rather lose the US Senate seat than lose any chance we have of gaining the State Offices.  Republicans simply won’t come out in the numbers required if Heller’s name is tied to a major candidate.  That’s just a fact!!”

Hey, don’t shoot me.  I’m just the messenger.

And while the inside-the-beltway folks in DC have united in anointing Laxalt as the GOP’s standard-bearer, many Nevada conservatives, as you can see above, have lost that luvin’ feeling.

Team Laxalt is gonna be royally PO’ed with me (what else is new?) for sharing these emails with you.  But you don’t fix a problem by pretending it doesn’t exist.

And whether they want to admit it or not, Laxalt has some major problems with many in the conservative GOP base – especially among small-dollar donors and grassroots volunteers.

Since Laxalt’s kickoff video features a Star Wars theme, let me close with this:

I feel a great disturbance in the conservative Force.

Team Laxalt will ignore it at their own peril.

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