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The King of Gibberish

(Chuck Muth) – Earlier this week Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak – America’s Most Inept Governor – announced a new-and-supposedly-improved plan to deal with the CHINA-19 virus in Nevada.

Like all his plans before, this one was a real head-scratcher and left Nevadans wondering what the heck it meant.  Here’s an example of the gibberish his crack team of ghost-writers in his inept communications operation belched out…

“To be successful, we have developed a sustainable, targeted response model, one that will allow us to utilize all available state and county assets in this response and recovery effort, maximize consistency and accountability, and prioritize the communication of the state’s most accurate data to the public and to decisionmakers.”


Translation: We still have no idea what the hell we’re doing, but hope by cranking out this indecipherable word salad the public won’t catch on.

Too late.

The DETR Directive

It is indisputable that Gov. Sisolak’s mishandling of the unemployment crisis he created with his #SisolakShutdown orders has screwed over thousands of Nevadans put out of work through no fault of their own.

Today he hired his THIRD Department of Employment, Training & Rehabilitation (DETR) director in as many months: Elisa Cafferata, a former head of Nevada Planned Parenthood.  How that qualifies her to clean up the DETR mess is anyone’s guess.

The governor also announced the creation of a “rapid response” strike force to deal with this debacle FIVE MONTHS after the nightmare began.  Guess it all depends on your definition of “rapid.”

He also appointed former Assembly Speaker Barbara Buckley, a left-wing Democrat, to head up the strike force, leading Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist Victor Joecks to tweet…

“DETR is in the midst of an unprecedented crisis and @GovSisolak’s solution is appointing a political crony? Unbelievable.”

Sadly, it’s all too believable.  Politics has been the driving force behind all of the governor’s appointments and decisions related to addressing the CHINA-19 virus situation since Day One.

And the beat goes on…

Preparing for a Miracle

Let’s say the “silent majority” comes out in big numbers for Trump and large numbers of Dems stay home after realizing Joe Biden can hide his own Easter eggs and has no chance to win.

That means other Republican candidates who otherwise wouldn’t appear to have a shot might make it into the Winners Circle.  This unlikely but possible scenario is extremely important as it relates to the Nevada State Senate.

If this turns out to be the case, Republicans would hold all eight of their Senate seats and pick up the two competitive seats (SD5 & SD6).  But that would still leave the D’s with an 11-10 advantage.

Which means the remote possibility for Republicans to actually win back the majority and stop the kind of left-wing crap we saw come out of the 2019 Legislature and the two recently concluded special sessions – as well as stopping the D’s from relegating R’s to the minority for a decade via redistricting after the census – all depends on who wins Senate District 11.

Republican candidate Joshua Dowden is a conservative small businessman who has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.  He’s credible and potentially viable.  Republicans should be loading up their support in this race “just in case.”

No matter how long, it’s the only shot they’ve got.

Drive-By Muthings

* In leaked body cam footage hidden from the public until yesterday, George Floyd – a man hopped up on drugs w/a violent criminal past & caught trying to pass a fake $20 bill – refused police officer commands & resisted arrest. Why was this video kept secret for so long?

* Despite the fake news being burped up by liberal blogger Jon Ralston, Rep. Susie Lee & other progressive purveyors of prevarication, automatically mailing every voter a ballot & voters requesting an absentee ballot are NOT the same thing. That’s a fact. And facts matter…unlike Ralston.

*  The Nevada Supreme Court ruled today that a ballot initiative to raise the state’s sales tax so we can flush even more money down the public school system rat-hole can move forward.  I’m sure Nevada’s ever-vigilant media will now track down all 63 legislators and get them on record as either supporting or opposing this tax hike.

* Through August 5, the CHINA-19 death rate/100,000 people in NJ was 179, in NY 168, in MA 126 & in CT 124. In Nevada it was 28. So tell me again why churches, schools & bars remain under lockdown orders in Nevada?


“Absentee ballots are rejected at a higher rate than those cast in person.  And if Democrats trust mail-in balloting and Republicans don’t, more Democrats are likely to vote by mail – and have more of their ballots rejected.  In Wisconsin’s April primary, some 23,000 absentee ballots were thrown out.  In 2016, Trump carried Wisconsin by 22,748 votes.” – Columnist Jonah Goldberg

“(Nancy Pelosi’s HEROES Act) would permanently change, radicalize, our election laws, our immigration laws, it would offer free abortions, it would let prisoners go, it would bail out every mismanaged state pension plan.” – Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA)

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