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The Hickey Commission

Assemblyman Pat Hickey (R-Reno) convened a “legislative town hall featuring 21 lobbyists, lawmakers and business leaders” at the Legislature Monday afternoon to discuss the budget, including yours truly who cast out these brilliant pearls of wisdom:

“It is no longer sufficient to say that the government needs to do more with less. It is time for us to start saying that the government needs to do less with less.”

But I was a piker compared to freshman Sen. Michael Roberson (R-Henderson), who, after taking longtime AFL-CIO boss Danny Thompson to the woodshed, belted out this rock-solid declaration of support for Gov. Brian Sandoval:

“You’re not going to get a tax increase through this Senate. You’re simply not going to get it.”

Andrew Doughman of the Nevada News Bureau has the full story here


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