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The Guinasso Files: Parts I-V

The Guinasso Files: Part I

(October 31, 2018) – On October 4, 2018, Alice Little – a legal sex worker at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch brothel – sent a letter to Jason Guinasso and Melissa Holland, the two main culprits from Reno who are behind Lyon County Question 1 to ban legal brothels, inviting them to a series of four public debates/forums to discuss the issue face-to-face.

“In your public comments in the news media, on social media and on your websites,” Alice wrote, “you have made numerous outrageous claims that range from misleading to inaccurate to outright false.”

She continued…

“As such, I’m writing to invite you both to join me and one of my colleagues in a series of moderated forums/debates on this issue to be held throughout Lyon County between now and Election Day under the following tentative schedule…

October 18, 2018:  Mound House
October 23, 2018:  Yerington
October 25, 2018:  Fernley
October 29, 2018:  Dayton

“I propose these 90-minute educational forums/debates be held in the evening when the largest number of voters will be off work and able to attend.  We have already secured public community venues for each date.”

Neither Guinasso nor Holland ever responded to Alice’s invitation.

When My News 4 asked both about the challenge, Holland’s staff said “that she would not attend the debate.  They did not give any further details or reasoning behind the decision.”

As for Guinasso’s refusal to participate…

He cited several reasons for his absence.

“It is not a ‘debate’ but an opportunity for brothel advocates to create a public spectacle to promote themselves,” Guissano said. “What has been proposed is not about an informed discussion about public policy decision LYON County voters need to make. It is about giving the brothels a platform to trumpet their propaganda and to insult and demean their opponents”.

He added that both sides to the legal brothel debate have already published their perspectives on all of the relevant issues.

“Voters who need information regarding pros and cons can visit the websites, read the mailers and review the news stories that have been published,” Guinasso said. “A ‘debate’ will not add any substantive information for voters to use to decide.”

Guinasso also said he has not been treated well in the past, and that is why he did not want to go.

“Real debates require a commitment to civility,” Guinasso said. “None of the pro brothel advocates have engaged in civil discourse to date. Despite my attempts to respectfully engage several of their spokespeople, I have been treated with disrespect, degraded, insulted, threatened, demeaned, and subjected to every form of vitriol. I will not give them a public forum to mistreat me or anyone associated with the campaign.”

Sounds like this snowflake needs a therapy puppy!

As the moderator of all four of the events – including the one Monday night in which two brothel opponents not connected with Guinasso and Holland joined us – I can tell you that Guinasso is full of sheep dip.

All four public town halls were conducted professionally, civilly and respectfully – except for one incident at the Fernley meeting when a brothel OPPONENT in the audience interrupted the discussion and proceeded to call Alice a “whore.”

The forums have been informative, substantive and educational.  On the other hand, Mr. Guinasso himself has been disrespectful, demeaning and insulting on social media toward brothel supporters, including dragging one brothel employee’s kids into his attacks.

The fact is, Mr. Guinasso’s entire jihad against Lyon County’s legal brothels has been filled with lies and misrepresentations, including his disgusting advertisement showing a sex worker wrapped up like a piece of meat in a butcher shop.

He’s a shameful coward who hasn’t even had the decency to come out from behind his keyboard to face the very people he’s attacking from his holier-than-thou perch up in Reno.

But there’s more to Jason Guinasso than serving as Grand Inquisitor.  A LOT more.

And you’ll be shocked by it.  Stay tuned, Batfans, for Part II of “The Guinasso Files”…

The Guinasso Files: Part II

(November 2, 2018)Jason Guinasso is an anti-brothel religious zealot with a “Pretty Woman” complex and an explosive temper.  He’s also a slimy lawyer, making if extremely difficult to find any redeeming qualities in the man whatsoever.

Now, the “slimy lawyer” thing isn’t just my opinion.  Here’s what Vicki Campbell-Smack wrote about him on Facebook not too long ago – and confirmed to me in a personal conversation a week ago…

“Jason is the lowest of the lowest type of lawyer.  He represents workman’s comp insurance companies.  When I was injured at work, he made my life a living hell, as well as for others.”

So there seems to be a consensus.  Onward…

OK, for those just joining us, Guinasso (and for the record, the correct spelling is to end the name with an “o,” not “hole”) is also the sanctimonious busy-little-beaver behind Lyon County Question 1 – a ballot initiative seeking to shut down the county’s four legal brothels and force the working girls there back on the street.

This, we’re to believe, in order to “save” them.

The guy appears to fancy himself a modern-day Richard Gere from the movie “Pretty Woman” – where Gere “saved” Julia Roberts from life as a prostitute – but without the good looks or charming personality.

In fact, with his explosive temper and violent tendencies – which I’ll detail later – Guinasso actually more resembles the character in the movie played by Jason Alexander, who “beat the sh*t” (more on this phrase later) out of Roberts in one scene.

But I digress.

The truth is – which I was just able to confirm this week – Guinasso’s real motivation for trying to close the legal brothels is anything but humanitarian.  Indeed, he’s not trying to “save” women.  Instead, he’s been using them as pawns in a political vendetta against the late Dennis Hof, owner of the four Lyon County brothels.

Here’s are the facts…

In November 2017, Hof announced officially that he was running against then-Assemblyman James Oscarson in the 2018 Republican primary.

Oscarson was a close political ally of Nevada Lt. Governor Mark Hutchison.

And Guinasso – after getting creamed in his own controversial (more on this later, as well) GOP assembly primary in Washoe County in 2016 – is now working for Hutchison’s law firm.

Connect the dots.

Now, just days after Hof’s announcement Guinasso submitted a “public records request” – a copy of which I just obtained through my own public records request – to Dawna Warr, the Lyon County Recorder, obviously looking for “dirt” on Hof’s brothel businesses in Lyon County…

“Dear Ms. Warr:  Pursuant to NRS (Nevada Revised Statutes) 239 et seq., I write to request a copy of all applications for registration as a prostitute filed with the Lyon County Sheriff for the last 10 years pursuant to Lyon County Code 5.03.14.  Please include all information on the application, including the address of the prostitute and all addresses of the prostitute for the preceding three (3) years.”

In other words, a giant fishing expedition.

Now, unless he was planning on stalking these women or soliciting them, what other motivation could this creepy lawyer have for asking for the names and home addresses of sex workers other than to potentially do political harm to Hof’s campaign against his boss’ buddy?

Four months later, and armed with whatever information he obtained from the brothel work cards, Guinasso and his wife (more on her later, too) formed a Political Action Committee (PAC) called “Ending Trafficking and Prostitution” (ETAP).

ETAP then proceeded to launch signature-gathering efforts to place a question on the ballot to end legal brothels in Lyon and Nye counties.

And get this: Lyon and Nye just happened to be the two counties where Hof’s six legal brothels were located. What a coincidence!

Look, if you still don’t believe this entire anti-brothel crusade was politically motivated, you also probably don’t believe Neil Armstrong walked on the moon.

Of course, Guinasso didn’t want people to see his true motivation as a political assassin.  So he teamed up with a self-righteous Reno woman named Melissa Holland, who purports to run a prostitute rescue foundation called “Awaken.”

Holland is on far right

And together the pair launched a highly offensive and dishonest propaganda campaign to aid their signature-gathering operation which they called “No Little Girl” – as in, no little girl dreams of growing up to be a prostitute.

I’m guessing no little girl dreams of growing up to be a clerk at the DMV either, but whatever.

Now, lest you think Holland, too, is trying to “save” prostitutes rather than harboring disdain for them, here’s a photo of her and two other women with the woman in the middle wearing a t-shirt that reads: “I (Heart) Jesus…But I Will Punch a Ho!”

Holland is smiling like the Cheshire cat and pointing to the front of the t-shirt.

Apparently in this hypocrite’s world violence against women is a bad thing…unless the woman is a sex worker.  In which case go ahead and, as Guinasso himself might say, “beat the sh*t” out of her.

But I’ll get into THAT in Part III of The Guinasso Files.  Stay tuned, Batfans…

The Guinasso Files: Part III

(November 3, 2018) – Ever notice how some people portray themselves as one thing in public, but are a completely different person in reality?  Like Bill Cosby – “America’s Dad” on television; a sexual predator in real life.

In addition, it often seems the people who are most vocal about a certain issue are the worst offenders.  Like “family values” politicians caught in the sack with a mistress.

So, since Reno lawyer Jason Guinasso (with an “o,” not a “hole”) – who has led the war against legal prostitution in Lyon County – has been snooping around looking into the backgrounds of brothel workers, I thought it only fair to check out Dudley Do-Right, as well, to see if he’s really the mild-mannered humanitarian with a “servant’s heart” he portrays himself as in public and in the media.

Hooo, boy!

Turns out this is a guy suffering some deep emotional childhood scars with a violent, explosive temper and continued disdain for authority.  Get a load of this…

“I wasn’t a very pleasant kid to deal with,” Guinasso told Kristen Remington in a KTVN story in 2015.  “I was angry; I had a lot of issues.”

To start with, “Jason’s mom had seven kids; all with different fathers.”


Do ya think maybe this guy’s obsession with sex workers having multiple sex partners just maybe has something to do with him still having mommy issues about the same thing?

Paging Dr. Freud…

Now, according to the story, Guinasso and Stepfather #7 had some serious problems. “So Jason left home and joined a gang,” where he found guys “who were willing to fight with me and for me.”

After almost a year as a teenage gang-banger, Guinasso returned home with a “street-life perspective” and a willingness to fight his step-father.  And after one such violent dust-up, Guinasso says his mother “screamed at me” and said, “You’re not my son anymore!”

At which point Guinasso “then joined another, more violent gang” and later “was busted in possession of a sawed-off shotgun with intent to seek revenge on a bully” while attending Washoe High School.

Lovely.  Cue “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Guinasso eventually left the gang-banger life and became a lawyer – which some might suggest is just a less violent version of the same thing.

But old habits die hard.  And Guinasso’s explosive temper continued to rear its ugly head.

On February 14, 2003 – Valentine’s Day! – Reno Police Officers were dispatched to a Reno salvage yard to investigate a reported assault and battery.  The victim’s name was James V. Howard.  The assailant was Mr. Wonderful himself.

According to the police report (#03-6193), Guinasso confronted Howard “and started to yell at him” for allegedly calling his father-in-law, Bob Marsh, dishonest over some insurance issue about a fence on his property.

“Guinasso became irate,” the police report detailed. “Guinasso then grabbed him (Howard) and head-butted him knocking him to the ground.  He (Howard) obtained a bloody nose and lip from the head-butt.  He (Howard) states that Guinasso yelled something at him while he was on the ground and then left with Marsh.”

A witness to the attack, Darrell Wallberg, told police officers “that after Guinasso head-butted Howard, he stood over the top of him and yelled that if he ever tried to call Marsh of himself a liar again he would ‘beat the shit out of him again.’”

What a charmer!

Guinasso was cited for “Battery.”

The man he “beat the shit out of” was 64.

Guinasso was 30.

Real tough guy.

Oh, and for future reference, Guinasso’s listed address on the police report was 3905 Garlan Lane.  You’ll see why this matters in Part IV of “The Guinasso Files.”

Stay tuned, Batfans…

The Guinasso Files: Part IV

(November 6, 2018) – This is part four of a series taking a look at Saint Jason Guinasso (again, that’s with an “o,” not a “hole”), the creepy Reno lawyer who’s spearheading Lyon County Question 1 to outlaw legal brothels in Lyon County.

“Legalized prostitution is not the elixir promised by brothels,” this paragon of moral virtue told the Reno Gazette-Journal last April.  “It’s more like poison for the state.”

To pursue his self-righteous crusade to kick working girls out on the street and kill some 134 non-sex worker jobs at the brothels, Guinasso and his wife, Kim, created the “End Trafficking and Prostitution” (ETAP) political action committee (PAC).

And not only is Saint Jason creepy – he’s been trying to identify and track down the home addresses of legal sex workers for God only knows what purpose! – but shady, too.

His PAC’s campaign finance report, which he filed three days late yesterday, shows he spent $6,000 on advertising…but without receiving a dime in contributions.  Plus, over $4,000 of that advertising expense was paid to a company with the exact same address as his law firm.

Talk about funny money!

But back to the Jason and Kim show…

Not only do they run this PAC together, but they work for the same law firm.  I assume they attend the same church.  And Jason tweeted that he and his wife voted together this morning – but not on Lyon County Question 1 because…well, because they don’t live in Lyon County.

They’re outside agitators.

And according to J-Guin’s campaign website from 2016 – when he got clobbered in a Republican primary for state Assembly – they have two children, four dogs and four cats.  The couple also enjoys hiking, fishing and camping.  And according to former Assemblyman Robert Heaney, “Jason and Kim both enjoy bird watching.”

The perfect couple.

No wonder they feel so qualified to tell other people how they should run their own lives.

No wonder they feel entitled to pass judgment on how consenting adults in a county miles and miles away from them should be allowed to interact.

No wonder they’re working side-by-side to “save” adult women in Lyon County’s legal brothels from making their own life choices.

But these Vicars of Virtue weren’t always Ward and June Cleaver.  In fact, ten years ago they were more like Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner in “War of the Roses.”  Get this…

On the afternoon of August 24, 2008, Reno police officers were dispatched to their home at 3905 Garlan Lane (more on that address later) for a report of “Possible Domestic Battery.”


According to the police report (#08-29242)…

“Jason and his wife, Kim Guinasso, have been having marital problems recently.  The family had just returned from vacation and Jason and Kim began to argue about something.  They both began to yell and Jason decided to leave.  Jason began to leave and Kim stopped him at the door.

“Jason tried to push her out of the way and she pushed him back.  Jason moved away and then he went to try and get the car keys.  Kim grabbed the car keys from him and took them away.  Jason made it outside and Kim jumped on his back to try to keep Jason from leaving.  Jason turned around quickly and Kim fell down and hit the back of her head.”

Thankfully, Jason appears to have kept his “Incredible Hulk” persona in check and didn’t head-butt his wife to the ground and promise to “beat the shit” out of her like he did to a neighbor a few years earlier!

“My husband and I have been working through some marital issues,” Kim wrote in a statement.  “I grabbed his shirt and I grabbed his belt.  The struggle moved inside and outside from the car to the living room.  It went on for about 15 minutes.”

“My wife and I have been having marital problems,” Jason wrote in his own statement.  “I yelled.  She yelled.  I decided that I needed to leave.  Kim would not let me leave.  She obstructed my path to the door.  I tried to push past her.  She pushed me down.”

“Kim grabbed me,” Jason continued, “ripped my shirt off.  I pushed her away.  She fell.  She got up.  Took keys from me.  Threw keys. … Kim would not let me out of the house.  We wrestled around until I was free.”

Talk about anger management problems.  Sounds like an episode of the Jerry Springer Show.  Yeah, let’s all take “How to Live Your Life” advice from this pair!

The police report notes that since “neither had any other obvious injuries,” other than a scratch on Kim’s neck, “an arrest was not made.”

“Both Victims were given Victims of Domestic Violence forms,” the report concludes.  “The case is being forwarded to Domestic Violence Detectives for further review.”

Now, here’s the thing…

Arguments – including arguments between spouses that sometimes lead to a physical altercation – happen to people in all walks of life every day.  But for Jason and Kim to be riding their high horses in a crusade against what they claim (falsely) to be violence against sex workers in Nevada’s legal brothels is the height of hypocrisy.

Maybe they should get their own house in order before worrying about legal houses of prostitution.

Now about that Garlan Lane address…

Stay tuned for Part Five of “The Guinasso Files.”

The Guinasso Files: Part V

(November 16, 2018) – Hope you didn’t think I’d blow off part five of my five-part “The Guinasso Files” just because we kicked Jason Guinasso’s (for the last time, that’s with an “o,” not a “hole”) arse on his anti-brothel initiative.

No way, Jose.  He ain’t gettin’ off that easy.

Now, I still owe you the 411 on Guinasshole’s…oops, I mean Guinasso’s…3905 Garlan Lane address – which will expose him as being a sneak as well as a creep.  But first, I can’t help but comment on an op-ed he inked this week that exposed him as the serpent-tongued weasel he is.

In his self-serving column published by the Nevada Independent, Guinasso says he’s “grown increasingly concerned about the political system in our country,” but claims it’s not “because a ballot question didn’t get the support I had hoped it would.”

That would be his anti-brothel Lyon County Question 1 that was crushed 80 percent to 20 percent on Election Day.

“My dismay,” Guinasso continued, “is because, in recent years (and especially this one), I am not so sure we have seen very much in the way of competing ideas.  They seem to have been replaced by competing efforts to instill fear, anger, and mistrust into targeted groups of people for the sake of creating ‘energy’ so people will ‘turn out’ to the ballot box and vote or so they will write checks.”

You know, like what Guinasso himself did with his anti-brothel initiative.

Like how he tried to instill fear in the electorate by falsely claiming underaged girls were working in Nevada’s legal brothels.

Or how he tried to instill anger among voters by falsely claiming women were being “trafficked” against their will in Nevada’s legal brothels.

“As for debate,” the creepy lawyer went on, presumably with a straight face, “that lost art has been replaced by ad hominem attacks on a person’s character or by the hateful disparagement of certain groups.”

Physician, heal thyself.

From Day One of Guinasso’s moral crusade against Nevada’s legal brothels, legal sex workers at Lyon County’s legal brothels challenged Guinasso and his accomplice – Melissa Holland of a Reno-based organization called “Awaken” – to debate the issue in public.

Both steadfastly refused.

Instead, Guinasso and Holland routinely launched “ad hominem attacks” on the character of brothel workers, owners and the industry, including “hateful disparagement” of legal sex workers – especially in an ad displaying a young woman wrapped up like a piece of meat in a butcher shop!

Would it be an “ad hominem attack” to refer to these individuals as two-faced cowards?

Whatever.  Back to 3905 Garlan Lane.

Recall that 3905 Garlan Lane was Guinasso’s home address when Reno police went to investigate Guinasso’s 2003 Valentine’s Day assault on a 64-year-old senior citizen – who he head-butted, giving the man a bloody nose and mouth – in 2003.

3905 Garlan Lane was also Guinasso’s home address when Reno police responded to a domestic violence call after Jason and Kim – the “our sh*t don’t stink” couple who formed a PAC this year to ban Lyon County’s legal brothels – got into a physical altercation during what they described as “marital problems.”

And 3905 Garlan Lane is where Guinasso was living at the time he filed to run for Nevada State Assembly District 26 in March 2016.  But here’s the problem…

As Seth Richardson of the Reno Gazette-Journal reported in April 2016, “Nevada law states a candidate must live in their district for 30 days prior to filing.”

Alas, 3905 Garlan Lane isn’t in Assembly District 26.  It’s in Assembly District 25.  Oops.

But that didn’t stop Guinasso.

When he filed for office, Guinasso listed 11210 Vincent Lane as his home address which, conveniently, was owned by his wife’s family’s trust and also conveniently located in District 26, not District 25.

According to Guinasso, who was sued for filing to run for an office in a district he didn’t live in, he was only temporarily living in his longtime 3905 Garlan Lane address while some remodeling work was being done on the Vincent Lane address – which he claimed he intended to move into later in the summer.

He also claimed Big Foot was real, that he owned a pet unicorn and that a leprechaun had stolen his Lucky Charms.

According to the RGJ, Guinasso “conceded his voter registration was at the Garlan street address for some time after he moved to Vincent Lane” – even though he never actually moved into the Vincent Lane house prior to filing to run for office.

Nevertheless, he claimed Vincent Lane was his official residence because he held “barbecues at the property,” kept belongings in a temporary storage shed on the property, maintained the landscape and went “to the property every day to…take care of his four dogs.”

Sounds like the dogs were the only ones actually living there!

Wait, wait.  The tangled web gets even more twisted.  Get this…

Guinasso claimed, for the purpose of running for office, that he lived on Vincent Lane while actually living on Garlan Lane.  But the house on Garlan Lane was also allegedly going through major renovations to get it ready for “a local nonprofit combatting sex trafficking” to move into.

That group – oh, so conveniently – was Melissa Holland’s “Awaken” organization.

The same Melissa Holland and Awaken that teamed up with Guinasso in the effort to put the anti-brothel initiative on the Lyon County ballot.

Man, talk about a small, incestuous world!

“Although we were disappointed that we could not move into the Garlan house given the time and investment we had committed to repairing the house,” Missy said in an affidavit, “we understood the unique situation confronting the Guinassos and agreed to delay moving into the Garlan house.”

So again, Guinasso was actually still living in the Garlan house in District 25 even though he filed to run in District 26 – which is a violation of Nevada state law.

Interestingly enough, Awaken isn’t showing the Garlan house as its HQ today even though the renovations are assumedly completed.  Indeed, according to its website, they’re located at 435 Spokane Street in Reno.

Apparently Guinasso sold the Garlan property that Awaken delayed moving into out from under them to someone else shortly after losing his election in 2016 – after a court unbelievably ruled he lived in the house he, himself, admitted he didn’t live in when he filed as a candidate.

I guess all men are, indeed, created equal…but some are created more equal than others.

The guy is as sneaky as he is creepy.

Keep all this in mind as he continues his moral crusade telling other people how to live their lives.


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