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The Great Faraday Farce

After Gov. Brian Sandoval and the Nevada Legislature jacked up taxes on Nevadans and Nevada’s existing business owners – many of whom STILL have not recovered from The Great Obama-Sandoval Recession – there’s no way in hell that newcomer Faraday Motors should get a DIME in tax relief.

In fact, why would any self-professed conservative vote to continue to allow the government to pick winners and losers in the free market using OUR money – especially since, as conservative Assemblywoman Shelley Shelton pointed out this week, it’s a violation of the Nevada Constitution and the citizens of Nevada have voted THREE TIMES to keep it unconstitutional?

That being said, remember that Republicans have the majority in both houses of the Legislature.

And if they cave in and allow Sandoval to call a special session to extend more corporate welfare without at least including on the agenda a fix to the Education Savings Account (ESA) program that discriminates against homeschool and private school parents, they should be burned in effigy.

Make no mistake.  Republicans have the numbers, and therefore the power, to force the governor to include the ESA fix in the special session.  Sandoval can get the Faraday deal approved without the Democrats, but he can’t do it if a majority of Republicans say no.

This issue will tell us whether or not legislative Republican leaders have spines made of something other than Jello.  Don’t get your hopes up.


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