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The Grady Bunch

Republican Assemblyman Tom Grady was interviewed on Nevada Newsmakers this week and was asked by host Sam Shad why he voted for the teachers union’s room tax hike. To which Mr. Grady responded that the governor’s proposed budget would result in the closure of three rural clinics in his district and so he voted for the higher taxes to “fill the hole.”

Now wait a minute.

The revenue which is generated by this room tax hike through this particular bill (IP-1) will ultimately be earmarked for teacher salaries, not rural clinics. Plus, the governor – in violation of the promise he made to the citizens of Nevada – included the 3 percent room tax hike IN his proposed budget. So if the rural clinics are being cut from the proposed budget, then they’re being cut even WITH the room tax hike revenue already included. So voting for the room tax hike won’t save the three rural clinics.

Which means Assemblyman Grady voted for a tax hike to raise money for a purpose the revenue from the tax hike won’t be used for. Makes perfect sense, Assemblyman.

And some people still wonder how the state got into the fiscal mess we’re in today in the first place?

By the way, why should out-of-state tourists coming to Las Vegas and Reno have to pay for rural clinics in Lyon County in the first place? I mean, if these rural clinics are so essential, shouldn’t the citizens of Lyon County pay for them? Or at least the citizens of Nevada?

Sorry, Assemblyman. This BS excuse of yours for voting to undermine the Republican Party and blowing off its platform ain’t gonna fly.


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