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The GOP’s lame-game vs. Bilbray-Kohn

In response to the announcement this week that former Democrat Congressman Jim Bilbray’s daughter was officially entering the race against Republican Rep. Joe Heck in Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District, here’s what the Republican National Congressional Committee put out…

  • Erin Bilbray-Kohn is the Democratic establishment’s handpicked candidate.
  • Bilbray-Kohn has made a living playing politics.
  • Bilbray Kohn spent the 2013 inauguration weekend “hobnobbing with the party elite and donors at inaugural festivities” and attended the committee’s inaugural luncheon at the Italian Embassy on January 21.

Wow. This is the BEST the GOP can do?

Of COURSE Bilbray-Kohn in the party’s handpicked candidate! Democrats play to win. They endorse and back the candidate they believe has the best chance to win early and often.

Republicans play to be “fair.” They let “the voters decide.” And they lose.

So what if Bilbray-Kohn has made a living in politics? You know what that means? It means she’s less likely to make stupid mistakes on the campaign trail that might cost her the election, that’s what it means.

Oh, and by the way, voters couldn’t care less about this.

What? The Democrat National Committeewoman went to the Democrat president’s inauguration events? Stop the presses!

If the GOP establishment in DC doesn’t do better than this against Bilbray-Kohn, it’s going to be a LONG night for Heck and Republicans on Election Night in 2014.


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