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The GOP Assembly Gang that Still Can’t Shoot Straight

Turmoil continues to roil in Minority Leader Pete Goicoechea’s Republican Assembly Caucus.

Some hand-picked GOP candidates – a number of whom say they’ve gotten nothing more than the time of day from caucus leaders and the caucus director, Monica Moradkhan – have been invited to meet with Moradkhan, Goicoechea and Assistant Minority Lynn “The Bug Man” Stewart on Monday, August 16th in Las Vegas for what is being described as a campaign “evaluation” meeting.

Also in attendance will be some guy named Casey Phillips, who no one has ever heard of but is apparently the “Regional Political Director for the Republican State Leadership Committee” – whatever the heck that is.

And for the record, when it comes to the Nevada Assembly, the term “Republican State Leadership” is an oxymoron. But I digress

Anyway, candidates have been instructed to bring their “Campaign Plan, Budget, Cash on Hand, Total amount raised to date (contributions and in kinds), Vote Goal, Voter Contact Activity (Doors knocked, phones made, phone banks held, contact rate for phones/doors.)” to the evaluation meeting. However….

“The evaluation meeting is only for the candidate and we greatly appreciate you not bringing any volunteers, staff, or consultants with you.”


Caucus leaders who don’t know sh*t from apple butter about campaigns are going to conduct a campaign evaluation but are prohibiting candidates from bringing the professional campaign managers and advisers who know the most about the campaign’s plan, budget, financing, vote goals, voter contact programs, etc.?

Something smells fishy here. And I’m not the only one who thinks so. As one campaign adviser to one of the invited candidates put it, “Monica is crazy if she thinks we are going to give her any information.”

And here’s the kicker:

While there are a couple dozen assembly races in Clark County, the caucus leadership has blocked out time to do just FIVE 45-minute “evaluation” meetings from 9 a.m. through 12:45 p.m. I guess if you’re not one of the “lucky” five who have been invited to share your campaign secrets with the “Caucus Clouseaus,” you can just go to h…e…double hockey sticks.

This bugs me (no offense, Assemblyman Stewart). So I’ll tell ya what I’m gonna do….

Any Republican Assembly candidate who has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and wants a REAL campaign evaluation from somebody who has been teaching campaign management for a living all across the country for close to 15 years now, shoot me an email and I’ll schedule an hour together with you for….FREE.

AND….you can bring your entire campaign team – volunteers, staff and consultants. For a true, honest evaluation, I’ll want to hear from the people you’ve actually surrounded yourself with to run your campaign.

P.S. If you don’t know or can’t find my email address, you’re campaign is hopeless so just go ahead and give up now and run for Clark County chairman.


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