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The Gibbons Truth Squad Rides Again

“After the legislative session Gov. Gibbons will come out very strong because he’s held to his promises,” campaign adviser Robert Olmer said in an Associated Press story yesterday about Gibbons’ big plans to run for re-election. Except. . . . .

The governor has NOT held to his main promise to “oppose and veto any and all efforts to raise taxes.”

And as long as Gibbons and his minions continue to pretend otherwise and lie about it rather than apologize for it, I’m going to keep reminding folks about it. And you can be darned sure his Republican opponents in the gubernatorial primary next year will do the same.

Just to refresh your memory, Gibbons included the third largest tax hike in Nevada’s history in his proposed budget this year, and once the Legislature passed it he refused to veto it. So he’s broken his promise to the voters at least twice, period. Exclamation point. End of discussion.


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