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The Further Misadventures of Li’l Nate

The following is a combined report on Nathan Taylor and last night’s special meeting of the Clark County Central Committee at which Li’l Nate showed up and made an ass of himself…yet again.


When not dispensing advice on what a woman needs to do to make her man happy – “rub her man’s feet at the end of the night” and watch NASCAR with him – you might find GOP gadfly Nathan Taylor sipping on Cosmopolitans with those pink umbrellas and cherries in them and getting tossed out of a bar for starting a fist-fight in a bathroom. I sh–….er, kid you not. Got this second-hand report yesterday on Li’l Nate’s election night adventures from last week:

“Seems Nathan he got pretty drunk at a Stavros Anthony celebration after his city council win on election night last week and followed Dave Williams, the Clark County Republican Party vice chairman, into the bathroom. He was taunting Dave about being an officer of the CCRP while Dave was trying to take a leak. Apparently Nathan wouldn’t let up and was harassing Dave the whole time in there and acting like a blithering drunken fool.

“Nathan also – and this is the funny thing – got into a fight, literally, with a guy named Cory (a Stavros Anthony volunteer) when Cory walked into the bathroom and saw what was going on. The fight started in the bathroom and continued out into the bar – to the point where the bartender had to literally physically subdue Taylor. He was thrown out of the place. Witnesses say Taylor made an utter and complete ass of himself, to where nobody wants to have anything to do with him now.”

OK, I have to be fair and note for the record that this report came to me second-hand. I cannot personally vouch for its accuracy – although after what happened last night at the Clark County GOP meeting I have no reason whatsoever to doubt it. Speaking of which….


So I attended the special meeting of the Clark County Republican Central Committee at the Italian-American Club in Las Vegas last evening expecting it to be a circus. But except for the performance of one clown….yep, Nathan Taylor….the meeting was all business – serious, thoughtful and orderly.

The main and controversial purpose of the meeting was to consider and vote on a resolution censuring certain Republican state legislators who voted for the $781 million portion of this session’s billion dollars worth of higher taxes. Here’s the exact text of that resolution:

Whereas, Clark County, Nevada is already burdened with high unemployment and a sagging business economy; and,

Whereas, the platform of the Clark County Republican Party is clear in its opposition to new taxes; and,

Whereas, raising taxes is extremely poor public policy for Nevada’s people and it’s economy; and,

Whereas, the Nevada Republican Party as a whole, and every Chairman of every Nevada County Central Committee has signed a resolution urging it’s elected legislators to vote against raising new taxes; and,

Whereas, the political damage caused to the Republican Party brand name from Republican officeholders who support higher taxes is tremendous; and,

Whereas the Clark County, Nevada Republican Party has a responsibility to make it clear that individual legislators who are registered as Republicans who voted for tax increases did so in disregard for and in opposition to their own political party; therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED by the Clark County, Nevada Republican Party that for their votes in support of raising taxes in SB 429, we censure the following registered Republican legislators:

Republican Senators:
Dennis Nolan
Warren Hardy
William Raggio
Dean Rhoads
Randolph Townsend

Republican Assemblymen:
John Carpenter

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that the members of the Clark County Nevada Republican Party urge the Republican Party Central Committee, or any other official party entity from giving any assistance of any kind to those legislators listed above.

A few people spoke against the resolution, primarily on grounds that it would hurt the party politically to appear fractured. But those speaking in favor of the resolution pointed out that the damage done to the party politically by Republican legislators voting for this tax hike was far more injurious to the GOP and something had to be said about it.

The resolution ended up passing OVERWHELMINGLY. The “yeas” were thunderous; the “nays” were barely audible whispers.

The party regulars in Clark County took a major step toward reclaiming the GOP from it’s moderate legislative leadership last night. Let’s hope the other 16 Republican central committees and the Nevada Republican Party pass similar resolutions in the weeks ahead.

And now back to….Li’l Nate.


While every other speaker who was opposed to the resolution spoke in a reasoned and objective manner, Nathan Taylor – The Pimple on a RINOs Butt – came unglued. During his multiple trips to the microphone to speak against the resolution, Li’l Nate was loud, angry, obnoxious, belligerent and vulgar.

In other words, he was himself.

When the crowd finally had enough of his ranting, they literally booed him off the stage.

The funny thing was, a few people came up to me before the meeting began and said Li’l Nate couldn’t possibly be as big of a buffoon as I’d written over the past few days – but after the meeting those same folks came up and said, “Well, you were right. He’s a raving lunatic.” Indeed, Li’l Nate gave every appearance of being on the verge of a nervous breakdown and maybe ought to check himself into a rural mental hospital for a few months.

The best part, however, was after Li’l Nate returned to the back of the room after one of his rants where I was standing next to my 2-year-old son who was sleeping in his stroller. Unable to contain himself, Li’l Nate started mouthing off at me, dropping F-bombs with reckless abandon and daring me to meet him in the parking lot. He finally shut up and moved away after I reached down, grabbed my son’s red-and-white pacifier and offered it to him.

But once Li’l Nate got to the opposite side of the room he got into another kerfuffle with a young woman, Ronda Kennedy, who had just finished speaking in favor of the resolution. Li’l Nate got in her face and the confrontation quickly escalated.

Ronda, having taken enough of Li’l Nate’s verbal abuse, went after him. At which point Li’l Nate literally ran away and tried to hide behind former Metro officer and Las Vegas City Councilman Mike McDonald while others restrained Ronda before she kicked Li’l Nate’s butt.

Unfortunately for Li’l Nate, in his haste to run away before getting beat up by a girl, he bumped into Steve Sanson – a huge, muscular guy and retired Marine who appeared to have every intention of knocking Li’l Nate’s block off. Now, Steve didn’t actually pull a Nicholson (“A Few Good Men”) and tell Li’l Nate he was “gonna rip the eyes out of your head and puke into your dead skull!” – but the look was pretty close.

Anyway, by this time the entire room was aware of the scrum taking place in the back of the room and Chairman Zadrowski’s “bouncers” – the sergeants at arms – had to break up the brouhaha and escort Li’l Nate out of the room before he was ripped to shreds.

Li’l Nate was last seen sipping Cosmopolitans with little pink umbrellas and cherries in them at the bar.


At least Nathan Taylor should be used to being ridiculed by now. He’s got plenty of experience.

Like that time back in 2005 when he was interviewed by the Baltimore Sun about Young Republicans who were being criticized for pounding the war drums for Iraq but who had not enlisted to fight for their country themselves. The Sun quoted Li’l Nate – then a member of the Nevada Young Republicans – as defending his fellow “chicken-hawks” thusly:

“Most of our members either serve, have served, or plan to serve in the United States Armed Forces, or have participated in events or projects supporting the United States Armed Forces. We will not be intimidated.”

To which blogger Duncan Black responded with a healthy dose of appropriate sarcasm and ridicule:

“There you go. Most serve, have served, plan to serve, OR HAVE PARTICIPATED IN EVENTS OR PROJECTS, such as Operation Drink a Beer for the Troops, Operation Burn a Dixie Chick CD, or Operation Put a Yellow Ribbon on my SUV supporting the United States Armed Forces.”

After being humiliated once again, Li’l Nate retired to the bar where he was seen sipping Cosmopolitans with little pink umbrellas and cherries in them.


“The reality is, it is extremely unlikely the GOP has a chance to unseat Reid.”

– Nathan Taylor, doing his best Harry “The War is Lost” Reid imitation, Las Vegas Review-Journal, 4/3/09


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