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The Further (Mis)Adventures of Li’l Nate

Nathan Emens – Speaker-of-the-Weak John Hambrick’s political brain and useful idiot for Democrat legislative candidates running against conservative Republicans – still has his nose bent out of shape that I discovered and reported how he was playing both sides against each other in the last election cycle.

On Monday, Li’l Nate posted this barely comprehensible nonsense on Twitter…

“.@ChuckMuth #clowncaucus first vote was with the “moderates” #hypocrites   #RecallFever #nvleg”

I replied…

“You’re as bad & wrong as Ralston. Conservatives elected Hambrick over Anderson. Your memory is as bad as your political skills.”

Indeed, even Hambrick, on the aforementioned Ralston’s now-cancelled public affairs TV show, admitted that conservative Assemblywoman Michele Fiore was responsible for getting him the votes he needed from conservatives to make him Speaker-designate.

Li’l Nate e-seethed in response…

“.@ChuckMuth exactly how long have you been a whore?  At least we now know Tony Dane is your pimp.”

He then posted this cute little follow-up threat…

“UpChuck we are going to learn more about you in the near future and I guarantee you aren’t going to be happy.”

“UpChuck.”  Get it?

My, how clever, Li’l Nate.  And witty.  I mean, I haven’t heard that one since Sister Susan Mary’s second grade class at St. John’s Elementary School in Long Green, Maryland.

As for your threat?  Whatever.


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