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The Further Misadventures of Baron von Sisolak

(Chuck Muth) – We’re now more than six months into the #SisolakShutdown and – surprise, surprise – the CHINA-19 virus is still with us.  Which means…

A.) Nevada Gov. Steve von Sisolak screwed up by panicking and shutting the state down in mid-March, or…

B.)  He screwed up by not starting to reopen in mid-April like Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman told him to do, or…

C.)  He screwed up by not quarantining or putting other restrictions on visitors coming into the state when he finally re-opened the casinos in June, or…

D.)  All of the Above

Obvious answer: D

This guy has screwed up every step of the way.

He either…

A.)  Has absolutely horrible judgment, or…

B.)  Has surrounded himself with an inner circle of incompetent advisers, or…

C.)  Both

Obvious answer: C

And the Democrats running the Legislature have backed him up every step of the way.

They’re all accomplices.

Until 2018, Nevadans hadn’t elected a Democrat governor since 1994.

This is the price we’re now paying.

Coming up in the next Muth’s Truths: “Nevada’s 7 Women to Watch in November”

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Drive-By Muthings

* I’m hearing more and more that the kind of people now coming to the Strip during the ongoing, never-ending Sisolak semi-lockdown is very different from the kind of people who came to the Strip pre-COVID.  And it’s not good.

Charitably, let’s describe many of the “new normal” tourists as riff-raff.  Another Baron von Sisolak legacy.

* A political reality is that you can’t beat somebody with nobody.  And the GOP in Nevada, so far, has nobody in the wings to take on Gov. Steve von Sisolak in 2022.

The names most often mentioned – ex-Sen. Dean “Never Trump” Heller and ex-Lt.  Gov. Mark “Mini-Sandoval” Hutchison – don’t exactly make conservative hearts go pitter-patter.

A pair of private-sector outside-the-box challengers are also being mentioned: Anthony Marnell III, developer of the M Resort in Las Vegas, and Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars fame.

* As cheat-by-mail ballots have now been sent out in several Nevada counties, I’ll be posting an initial list of personal recommendations later this week.  Stay tuned.

2020 Tax Pledge Signers in Nevada

  • CD02: Mark Amodei*
  • CD03: Dan Rodimer
  • CD04: Jim Marchant
  • SD11: Joshua Dowden
  • AD02: Heidi Kasama
  • AD04: Richard McArthur
  • AD05: Mack Miller
  • AD07: Tony Palmer
  • AD10: Jonathan Friedrich
  • AD15: Stan Vaughan
  • AD17: Jack Polcyn
  • AD19: Annie Black
  • AD21: Cheryln Arrington
  • AD23: Bill Hoge
  • AD26: Lisa Krasner*
  • AD31: Jill Dickman
  • AD35: Jay Calhoun
  • AD37: Andy Matthews
  • AD38: Robin Titus*
  • AD39: Jim Wheeler*

* Incumbent


“I will be strongly demanding a Drug Test of Sleepy Joe Biden prior to, or after, the Debate on Tuesday night. Naturally, I will agree to take one also. His Debate performances have been record setting UNEVEN, to put it mildly. Only drugs could have caused this discrepancy???” – President Trump

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