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The Further Misadventures of “Chemtrail” Jeff

There are hard-core Ron Paul supporters who will never get over the 2008 Nevada Republican convention. In their made-up minds, then-GOP Chairman Sue Lowden was the bad guy and nothing will ever convince them otherwise. But as we all know, there are always two sides to every story.

The other side of the story is what led to the chaos in the first place. Here’s the Reader’s Digest version….

Jeff “Chemtrail” Greenspan was hired by the Paul campaign as its southwest regional director. And he held himself out to Lowden and the Nevada Republican Party as speaking for the Paul delegates.

Greenspan entered into negotiations with the party for divving up the convention delegates and agreed with the party to allot 5-6 delegates to the national convention to Paul supporters. That number was based on the fact that Ron Paul had received 13 percent of the vote in the presidential caucus back in January.

The party, having no reason to doubt that Greenspan spoke for the Paul delegates, thought the deal was settled and proceeded to launch what they thought would be a united convention.

But on the morning of the convention, Greenspan double-crossed the party and proceeded with efforts to snatch all of the delegates for Ron Paul. He confirmed this in a letter explaining why he launched his “contingency” plan to Chairman Lowden after the convention.

His stated reason for the double-cross was the distribution of a fake delegate slate flier which did not include the names of the Paul delegates that Greenspan had submitted to the party – a flier that numerous sources have told me Greenspan himself forged and had distributed.

Anyway, at that point all hell broke loose and, as they say, the rest is history.

Now I know some Ron Paul delegates are now saying that Jeff Greenspan never had the authority to negotiate on behalf of the Paul delegates, but the party didn’t know that. Greenspan claimed he DID have the authority and he WAS Dr. Paul’s paid district director. The party had no reason at the time to doubt him.

Could the party have handled the situation better after the big Greenspan Screw Job? Sure. But after being double-crossed, I can understand why party leaders weren’t exactly in an accommodating mood. Maybe they could have/should have proceeded differently, but make no mistake….the root cause for the convention chaos that ensued was Jeff Greenspan, not Sue Lowden.

Anyway, this whole brouhaha comes down to a he said/she said between an untrustworthy out-of-state political operative and a longtime, highly-respected Nevada Republican Party leader whom I’ve known for the better part of 15 years. No surprise whose word I take on this.

But some still believe Greenspan’s concocted version of events. They think the man’s word is good. They think he must be of good character solely because he worked for Dr. Paul’s campaign. They’re wrong.

I received the following email yesterday from a person whose name I will withhold for confidentiality reasons. After reading it, especially you Ron Paul folks who continue to believe Greenspan’s story over Lowden’s, see if you still believe Greenspan:

“Hello Mr. Muth,

“My name is (withheld) and I’m a resident of a condominium complex in Phoenix AZ. Currently, Jeff Greenspan in president of the complex association’s board of directors. I am one of a growing number of owners who seek to remove Greenspan from the board for the very reasons you cite in your comments during the Republican State Convention in April 2008.

“Greenspan has proven to be a dictator with a Napoleonic ‘little man’ complex who will not entertain any direct contact which does not agree with him. He is rude to homeowners who disagree with him and threatens lawsuit against anyone who he says ‘harasses’ him. He has been elected basically because of the apathy of most homeowners and it is our job to educate them.

“We have many other issues concerning his ‘reign,’ including $100,000.00 and growing in legal fees for two settled lawsuits, ignoring state law which requires posting of agendas prior to board meetings and generally bullying those he feels are ‘against’ him.

“By way of background, I am not a conservative but I was impressed by your parsing of the issues revolving around Greenspan’s activities at the convention. I am a retired newspaperman and journalism professor. I voted for President Obama. So, as you can see, I’m not in your political camp. But one thing I think we both can agree on is that truth and transparency in the political arena — be it presidential politics or condo governance — are the ideals to be striven for.

“Thanks for shedding more light on Mr. Greenspan.”

Folks who are supporting a Republican U.S. Senate candidate other than Sue Lowden on philosophical or other political grounds….fine. But to oppose her over a botched convention that someone as untrustworthy and loathsome as Jeff Greenspan was actually responsible for causing is probably not the best reason.


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