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The Further Mis-Adventures of Lyin’ Lynam

The Nevada real estate industry got screwed, blued and tattooed in the 2019 legislative session.

So badly that the Nevada Association of Realtors, as Riley Snider reported in January, “contributed an unprecedented $2 million to political action committees designed to recruit real estate agents and back supportive candidates in state legislative races” for 2020.

And who was in charge of the realtor’s association last year during the legislative debacle?  A political hack named Keith Lynam.

“Lyin’ Lynam” – as I affectionately nicknamed him some two decades ago thanks to his penchant for fibbing – was a high-priced “gopher” (as in “Go for coffee, Keith”) on Kenny Guinn’s gubernatorial campaign in 1998.  He was well-known as a butt-kissing establishment RINO (Republican in Name Only).

Well, after the election Lynam decided to try to take over the local county party organization…and got his clock cleaned, as I noted in a September 2013 Muth’s Truth…

“Republican Kenny Guinn was elected governor in 1998.  At the time, his chief-of-staff was Pete Ernaut, who is now chief-of-anointments at advertising powerhouse R&R Partners and Gov. Brian Sandoval’s brain.  It was Ernaut’s belief back then that the governor should be the party’s titular head and should handpick the GOP’s chairman. 

“As such, Ernaut put forward political consultant Keith Lynam to run for the Clark County GOP chairmanship in the spring of 1999 against former Lt. Gov. Lonnie Hammargren – who was never a darling of the Republican Party’s establishment.  And in that race, Guinn put the full support and prestige of the governor’s office behind Lynam…

“Who was crushed by ‘The Hammar’ on election day.”

But give the guy credit.  He HAS mastered the art of failing upwards.

Fortunately, Lyin’ Lynam is no longer prez of the association.  Unfortunately, the realtors are now paying the price for his incompetence last year – to the tune of $2 million!

So what’s he doing now?

Well, in his spare time on social media he appears to be kissing liberal blogger Jon Ralston’s keister on a regular basis.  Indeed, when the Little Blogger Who Couldn’t breaks wind, Lyin’ Lynam is the first to know about it!

The job stinks, but somebody’s gotta do it.


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