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The Further Adventures of Mark Sure-Would

Far be it for me to beat a dead horse or kick a man when he’s down – yeah, right – but yahoo Assemblyman Mark Sherwood (R-Uranus) is backing a hand-picked successor for the district he mis-represented in the last legislative session. Her name is Becky Harris and she’s a lawyer…just what we need more of in the Legislature, right?

Making matters worse, Harris was recently cited by the Nevada Secretary of State for violating a campaign law that “prohibits a candidate from implying that he or she is the incumbent unless he or she was actually elected or appointed to the same seat that he or she is seeking once again.”

Now…that law is just plain stupid. It gives incumbents what I consider an unfair advantage – as if they don’t have enough advantages already. It’s also an effort by the government to micro-manage our elections under the assumption that voters are too stupid to figure out for themselves what candidates are incumbents and which candidates are not.

That said, Harris is a lawyer who should have known about this law, especially since it’s violated just about every election cycle by one novice candidate or another and is regularly featured in election stories.

Would the District 21 incumbent – the Assembly GOP’s reigning “Messaging Chairman” – allow his hand-picked successor to make such a dumb, rookie mistake?

Sure Would.


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