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The Difference a Conservative Governor Makes

The day after Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval (R&R-Advertising) was sworn in for a second term, and a little over a week before he finally announces his big tax hike proposal, Reuters shows us how big a difference it is between a wishy-washy moderate and a conservative…

“Arizona’s new Republican governor pledged to solve the state’s growing budget deficit on Monday but insisted it will not be done through raising taxes.  Doug Ducey, the former CEO of the Cold Stone Creamery ice-cream chain and Arizona’s former state Treasurer, said his administration can confront the state’s deficit, but said raising taxes on people and businesses will only create more problems. … With taxes off the table, spending cuts remain as the main way to try and narrow the budget gap.”

BAM!  If only WE had a conservative governor here in Nevada.

Ducey also is unafraid of the Big Government lobbying corps and will not be swayed by the bleating of the liberal tax-and-spend crowd…

“’I give fair warning: the budget will not be met with general approval among special interests,’ Ducey said.  Ducey said his opponents will argue that the state has cut everything it is possible to cut, and now is the time to raise taxes. ‘I will reply not on our watch,’ he said. He repeated the maxim that ‘people are not taxed too little; it is their government that is spending unwisely.”  Ducey added: ‘Raise taxes, and you haven’t solved anything.’”

BAM!  If only WE had a conservative governor here in Nevada.

A final observation: Sandoval has spent the last 20 years in government; Ducey has spent the last 20 years in business.  Advice to voters: Read the label!


Obama-like, Gov. Brian Sandoval yesterday issued an Executive Order creating “The Governor’s Business Roundtable on Education Policy.”

“The Roundtable shall develop policy recommendations on ways to reform K-12 education in Nevada,” the order reads.  Among the reforms specifically noted in the order: changes to funding allocations, training and curriculum (hell, Common Core!).

Notable by its absence of even an honorable mention: school vouchers.

Same ol’, same ol’.

If only WE had a conservative governor here in Nevada.


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