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The Cure for Crummy Publik Skools

In what was essentially a CYA public relations press release, a pair of Clark County School District bureaucrats inked an op-ed that was published last week in the Las Vegas Review-Journal in which they declared that progress on fixing the local failure factories “so far is encouraging.”

Only if you’re wearing a pair of those Ronco rose-colored glasses!

But here’s the money line from the column…

“We have implemented urgent and disruptive reforms in 14 ‘Turnaround Schools,’ starting with replacing ineffective school principals.”

Read that again.  “Replacing ineffective school principals.”

That’s an education reform fix that, get this, doesn’t require MORE MONEY!

And it apparently WORKS!

And if the district is acknowledging that we have a bunch of ineffective school principals, doesn’t it make sense to assume that we also have a bunch of INEFFECTIVE TEACHERS?

So instead of trying to fix our crappy schools by simply throwing more money at them, shouldn’t we first streamline the process for canning low-performing principals and teachers?

And instead of wasting time inking “move-along-nothing-to-see-here” op-eds, maybe school bureaucrats should spend more time in the classroom?  Or maybe they should be canned, as well?

Just an idea.


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