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The Coming List/Smack Smackdown

“In February, according to the Federal Election Commission, the Nevada Democratic Party took in nearly a quarter of a million dollars; the Nevada Republican Party raised about a fifth as much,” RalstonFlash reported on Monday. “The Democrats raised $244,453; they reported $335,115 on hand. … The state GOP raised $53,684; it has $64,547 on hand.”

Now, here’s the thing about that.

It has long been understood that the primary job of the Republican National Committeeman is to raise money for the party. And the primary reason for electing former Nevada Gov. Bob List to that post was because his stature as a former governor would be a tremendous asset in the fundraising department.

But that hope and expectation hasn’t exactly panned out. The Western Republican Leadership Conference in October was a fundraising flop and the Nevada GOP can barely raise a stink, let alone a dollar.

So with that in mind, why should Republican convention delegates who will gather in Sparks the first weekend in May opt to give List another 4-year term if he can’t deliver the dough and if there’s a far more aggressive, conservative and youthful alternative in interim Nevada GOP Chairman James Smack running against him?

Frankly, they shouldn’t. The Nevada GOP is in desperate need of some new blood willing to run TOWARDS the sound of the cannons, not away from them. Question is: Can Team Romney save NC List from the Ron Paul hordes in Sparks? Stay tuned, Batfans.

(Late-breaking: Word on the street is that former NV GOP Chairwoman Amy Tarkanian is now mulling a run for Republican National Committeewoman against incumbent Heidi Smith.)


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