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The Chronicles of Whine-ia

Here’s the latest example of just how bad things are for poor, ol’ UNLV workers. Seriously, break out your hanky for this one from Laura Kaprelia [] folks. It’s a real tear-jerker.

“On my furlough day January 22, I realized…that since the inception of the first furlough day, I have been consistently depressed and I feel my health has declined. I am not a person who is sick but rarely and that has changed now. I am a very outgoing, positive and energetic person and the impact of one furlough day on my life has been very stressful and has affected the quality of my health and life.”

Imagine how stressed and depressed this little thing would be if she was LAID OFF.

And by the way, how in the world is any mis-education going on over there at UNLV if all their employees are spending all their time writing all these sob story emails to legislators?


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