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The Chattah-bator: Queen of the GOP Freak Show in Nevada

WARNING: Profane Language Ahead!

(Chuck Muth) – I’m back in the saddle from my mini-working vacation with my daughter, and boy, do we ever have a lot to cover.  Let’s start here…

What kind of political moron would attack Las Vegas Golden Knights fans for their monstrous celebration of the city’s first major professional sports championship this weekend?

Well, Nevada Republican National Committeewoman Sigal Chattah for starters.

Following Saturday’s Stanley Cup parade, attended by thousands of cheering Knights fans, Siggy tweeted the following…

“Imagine if people would converge like this to protect their constitutional rights and their children’s future. Humanity’s priorities. Unbelievable (face-plant emoji).”

To which one Knights’ fan, Bryan Robert, appropriately responded…

“Voted for you, but putting people down for enjoying this is not a good take. So, because I’m a sports fan and went and enjoyed the team’s victory means I don’t also care just as deeply at what you described? It’s ok to have some positivity in this world sometimes.”

To which Siggy chattah-bated back…

“I don’t know why this is taken as putting people down.”


At least she didn’t say Mr. Robert should be hanging from a “mother f-ing” crane.

If there’s ever any doubt about what Chattah means, it’s usually because her linguistic ability to string words together in a coherent sentence is right up there with the likes Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and John Fetterman.


Mindy Robinson is one of Chattah’s foul-mouthed freak show spawns and an on-again/off-again GOP activist who ran as a Libertarian last year to help defeat a Republican legislative candidate in Clark County.

In a separate tweet, the Mouth That Roared put into more-clearly understood words what Chattah obviously was trying to say…

“Fuck these people right now…I couldn’t get you to show up en masse to protest for your constitutional rights, a fair election, or to stop sexually mutilating kids for profit…but you’ll show up for a dumb ass useless hockey game. Clown show, the whole lot of you.”

Isn’t she a peach?

This chattah-bating nutcase should be fitted for a straight-jacket and a muzzle.

But she’s far from alone in Nevada’s GOP freak show.  Let me now re-introduce you to bone-headed racist Nephi Kkaliki, whose Facebook greeting – which I’m sure he thought was clever – for Father’s Day was…

“Happy motherfucker day!”

What a peach.  Now get this…

Yesterday, Ka-Leaky-Leaky also posted on Facebook a message to fellow Clark County Republican Central Committee members “expressing my intention to run for Clark County Chairman.”

He went on to bitch, kvetch, and rant that CCRCC Secretary Sally Minster had tipped off one of his opponents, Jill Douglass, about his top-secret candidacy by asking in a Facebook post if Ms. Douglass knew he was running against her.

Cue meltdown…

“Such actions were a gut punch to my political strategy that utterly deflated a right I have as a candidate to announce my candidacy in a manner that reflects the seriousness and excitement typical for every other candidate who makes their own announcements.  Every other candidate has announcement parties that demonstrate and celebrate that critical moment.  I have been stripped of that privilege.

“Never in the history of the party has a candidate been at the mercy of the CCRCC to unceremoniously announce a candidate’s intention to run by ambush.  Minster’s actions spoiled the surprise for members of the CCRP, cheapened the impact of the announcement, and gave my opponent an unfair advantage in the election process.”

Good grief.  Joan of Arc did less whining on the stake.

Ka-Leaky-Leaky concluded…

“Let this serve as notice to the entire board that I intend to seek legal remedies against the entire board to address the irreparable damage to the fair election process and my candidacy for chairman of the CCRCC.”

But Mindy’s deranged political soulmate wasn’t finished.  Next, he posted a profane meme referring to Mrs. Minster as a “RepubliCUNT.”

Ladies and gentlemen, your next Clark County GOP chairman?

And some still wonder how the GOP lost so many winnable races last year with toxic sewage like this being spewed out of the mouths of Republican “leaders”?

But back to Chattah, the bearded-lady queen of this freak show…

Chattah is supporting Elizabeth Helgelien in the GOP primary for Nevada’s 3rd congressional district next year, writing back in March after Lizzy’s announcement…

“What a great candidate! I love the honesty and raw humanity of hard working Nevadans who strive to make a difference! Good luck Elizabeth Helgelien in CD3!”

Now, for those who may be new to Nevada politics, Helgelein was formerly married to Daniel Halseth back when she was a state senator a few years ago – until she was caught having an affair with her current husband, Tiger Helgelien.

Yeah, what a great candidate!

A bitter divorce and child custody fight ensued, ultimately leading to her daughter stabbing to death her father, Daniel, hacking up his body in the garage with her boyfriend, and setting it on fire.

The couple were caught fleeing to Utah, tried, convicted, and are now spending their days behind bars.  As such, Lizzy’s campaign Father’s Day message yesterday seemed, at best, awkward…

“Happy Father’s Day! We recognize the hard work and dedication of great fathers across our nation and are thankful for their unwavering commitment to making our world a better place.”

To which I replied…

“Remind us again where your daughter’s ‘celebrating’ killing her father this Father’s Day? Have you no self-awareness?”

Indeed, there is virtue to the unspoken word, especially in politics.  I mean, even drug-addicted Hunter Biden was politically-aware enough not to post a Father’s Day message yesterday.

Anyway, my tweet set off Chattah’s co-dependent Nevada Republican National Committeeman, Jim DeGraffenreid, who responded…

“I get that you’re paid to be a jerk, and you’re good at it, but most people have some form of tragedy in their lives. Exploiting personal tragedy for a cheap political shot should be beneath even you…guess not.”

The political Mensan that he is, Jimmy D apparently thinks Helgelien’s colored past can be swept under the rug as long as no one on our side talks about it and that the Democrats will never use it against her should she win the Republican nomination.


Cue Siggy’s chattah-bate machine…

“Oh Jim- whores have no decency- that’s why we call them whores- right Chuck?A whore will do anything his paying John tells him to- right Chuck? Has anyone asked @ChuckMuth why he’s been so mum on SB163? Maybe his Johns are paying him just enough money to trash me and keep his mouth shut on kids’ genital mutilation.”

Such class and such a wonderful command of the English language. As John Gielgud put it in the movie Arthur, “Usually one must go to a bowling alley to meet a woman of your stature.”

First, no one needs to pay me to trash the trash-talking chattah-bator. She’s just mad because I refused to continue working for her following the primary last year after it became clear to me that she was cuckoo for Cocoa-Puffs.

Secondly – and again for those late to the show – Chattah is referring to when I managed the campaign of late Assemblyman Dennis Hof, who owned a string of LEGAL brothels in Nevada and won his race anyway…three weeks after he died!

And I can tell you, the legal “working women” who helped Dennis win his Assembly seat, as well as defeat an anti-brothel ballot initiative in 2018, are FAR more politically savvy and articulate than your current Nevada GOP National Committeewoman.

As for SB163, I haven’t commented on it yet because I’ve been on a working vacation with my daughter and haven’t read the bill and extenuating circumstances thoroughly enough to understand it yet.

Imagine that.  Actually reading a complicated bill and learning the ins-and-outs of it before shooting off your mouth. What a concept!

Maybe Chattah should try it.  Though it appears the extent of reading comprehension she’s capable of is limited to her horoscope in the morning newspaper.

In any event, I received some new information on SB163 this afternoon and hope to write about it tomorrow for you.  Onward…

The chattah-bator then followed-up with another brain-dead tweet…

“Also has anyone reached out to @GroverNorquist and told him how worthless @ChuckMuth has made his ‘Tax Pledge’ in Nevada since Chuck has commended every Legislator that signed and violated it this session?”

The level of stupidity here is mind-boggling.  Just days ago, I criticized the only Tax Pledge signer, freshman Assemblyman Rich DeLong, who voted for the Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) budget bill.

I think Siggy needs to look up the definitions of “criticize” and “commend.”  Here’s a hint, sweetie, they’re antonyms, not synonyms – though I doubt you know what “antonym” and “synonym” mean either.

Let’s try this: They’re opposites, not the same.

That said, Assemblyman DeLong and I ran into each other at the Basque Fry on Saturday in Gardnerville and had a long conversation about this bill.

After our talk, I was persuaded this was just a “rookie” mistake not likely to be made again.  We also agreed to have a more open line of communication to avoid any such confusion in the future.

I’ll leave you for now with this final question: Where the hell is Nevada Republican Party Chairman Michael McDonald?

Every time this bitter, crazed Chattah nutcase opens her mouth to pontificate on politics, it’s a reflection on the party he was elected to lead.  Does he agree with her attack on Golden Knights hockey fans?  Is that the official position of the Nevada GOP?

If not, why does he keep letting her get away with this diarrhea of the mouth?  His silence is deafening.

7 Worst Habits of Highly Unelectable People

  1. Picking the wrong race
  2. Picking the wrong district
  3. Picking the wrong issues
  4. Picking the wrong time
  5. Picking the wrong consultants
  6. Picking unnecessary fights with the media
  7. Picking door-knocking over fundraising


“Take note LA, Philadelphia, Chicago and other cities: we don’t trash the town when we are #StanleyCupChampions.” – Conservative talk-show host Heidi Harris

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