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The Chancellor Who Cried Wolf

Dan Klaich, chancellor of the Nevada university system, has become a joke. The guy’s been running around yelling “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” over proposed budget cuts almost since the day he was appointed to replace Jim Rogers, who took such Chicken Little rhetoric over budget cuts to a whole new level during his own tenure chancellor.

Klaich, at a meeting of the University Board of Regents on Friday, was at it yet again. “Nevadans think everything is OK,” he cluck-cluck-clucked. “Everything is not OK. The state of Nevada is not OK. Our future is virtually at risk.”

Run for the hills! It’s Armageddon time! The end is near! Repent, taxpayers, repent!!!

Problem is, it was Dan Klaich himself who exposed the university system’s systematic use of propaganda and hot political rhetoric to protect its sacred cows. Indeed, here’s what Klaich himself, in a rare moment of honesty and candor, said just a few weeks ago:

“I think we have been guilty of hyperbole in the past where, you know, we get the first dollar of a cut and we would like you to believe that the sky is falling. Here we are a few years later and lo and behold the sky is right where it started out. It has not fallen in.”

Nothing Dan Klaich ever says can ever be taken at face value. He has no credibility. His reputation is shot. You can only falsely cry wolf so many times before everyone stops listening to you. If the university system wants the public to believe it, it needs to can Dan Klaich.


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