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The CD-2 Circus

Nevada Republicans have two big worries regarding the upcoming September 13 special election to fill the Congressional District 2 vacancy created by the appointment of Dean Heller to fill the U.S. Senate vacancy created by John “Pants on the Ground” Ensign:

(1) That a split GOP field of candidates could throw the GOP-majority seat to the Democrats, or…

(2) A split GOP field of candidates could throw the GOP-majority seat to Sharron Angle.

Not sure which a lot of Republicans fear most….

Fortunately, the GOP may be catching a break with regard to their #1 concern. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported on Monday that former university regent Jill Derby is not likely to sit this one out and allow state Treasurer Kate Marshall to compete for the seat as the only major Democrat candidate. As such, that makes life for Marshall much tougher, and gives Republicans hope of retaining the seat.

Derby is a native of northern Nevada who has run for the seat twice against Heller – and held her own fairly well. Marshall, on the other hand, is a San Francisco native who lost $50 million taxpayer dollars in a bad investment as state Treasurer.

It appears the Democrat “establishment” is behind Marshall, but Derby’s paid her dues and the rank-and-file aren’t likely to abandon her. So look for a fairly even split among the pair which, depending on how the GOP field splits the vote, could result in a Republican hanging onto the seat.

Alas, remember….Republicans never blow an opportunity to blow an opportunity.


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