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The “Blowhard” Responds to the Response…

(Chuck Muth) – A Muth’s Truths subscriber forwarded my last newsletter on how the Nevada GOP failed to turn out over 155,000 active registered Republicans in November’s general election to a party leader (who shall remain unnamed) in Washoe County.

That party leader responded: “Unfortunately, he doesn’t have any answers that can be implemented. Chuck is just another blowhard.”

Well, I won’t argue the “blowhard” part.  I’ve been called worse.

But as for the “he doesn’t have any answers that can be implemented” part – au contraire.

In fact, I wrote a short book on the subject after the 2018 election debacle in Nevada titled, “Red State Blueprint: 7 Sure-Fire Ways for Republicans to Get Their Mojo Back.”

I think it’s safe to say no one in the Nevada or Washoe Republican Party hierarchy has read it.

In Red State Blueprint I discuss…

  • Voter Registration & Persuasion
  • Door-to-Door Voter Contact
  • Candidate Recruitment
  • Messaging & Communication
  • Fundraising
  • Campaign Training

In addition, there’s an entire chapter on how the Nevada Republican Party SHOULD conduct pre-primary endorsements – unlike the fouled-up process the party used in the 2022 election cycle.

I also wrote another short book titled, Campaign Foot Soldiers: Step-by-Step Field Guide for Building an Unstoppable Grassroots Army.”

Pretty sure no one at the Nevada or Washoe GOP has read that one either.

Folks, this isn’t rocket surgery.  It’s Politics 101.  And ANYONE can do it.  It doesn’t have to be through the party apparatus.  You can do it in your own neighborhood or precinct on your own.

So don’t wait for “orders from above.”  If you want to truly make a difference and win more elections, learn what to do, how to do it – and just take the ball and run with it.  You don’t need anyone’s “permission.”

Tell ya what…

Both of my books usually sell for $14.95 each plus shipping.  But since I’m still in the Christmas spirit, I’ll mail a copy of each book to anyone who makes a donation of $5 or more to Citizen Outreach’s “Campaign Management College” through New Year’s Eve or until I run out of books  – whichever comes first.

Just click here

I may be a “blowhard,” however, those who say it can’t be done should get out of the way of those who are already doing it.  You can be one of those people.  And don’t let anyone in “authority” tell you otherwise.

We have a state and country to save.

Happy Kwanzaa!

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“If Republicans really want to get their ‘mojo’ back and snatch some victories from the jaws of defeat, the first thing they should ask is, ‘What would the professional inside-the-beltway experts do?’ And then do the exact opposite.” – Chuck Muth, Red State Blueprint

Mr. Muth is president of Citizen Outreach, publisher of Nevada News & Views and blogs at  His views are his own.




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