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The bin Laden Bump

Hate to rain on the president’s parade, but the notion that plugging OBL in the skull will result in “the same sense of unity that prevailed on 9/11” ain’t happenin’. Americans come together for extended periods of time in response to tragedy, but celebrations rarely last as long. OBL’s dead. Mission accomplished. What’s on TV tonight?

And finally getting his man also presents all new problems for Obama.

Now that he’s gotten the “real killer,” what’s left? With OBL out of the picture, how long with the American people, especially his anti-war leftist base, continue supporting getting U.S. troops blown up by roadside bombs in the land of barbarians? How long before the left, and the middle, and even many on the right, start demanding the president turn those Afghan guns into butter back home for the unemployed and such.

Obama will deservedly enjoy his “bin Laden bump” in the polls for a few more days, but that’s probably about it. Enjoy it while you can, Mr. President.


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