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The Biggest Loser in NV GOP Chairman’s Race

aSure, the GOP establishment lost yesterday with the re-election of Nevada GOP boss Michael McDonald, but do you know who The Biggest Loser was?

Nevada’s #2 liberal blogger, Jon Ralston.

All last week Ralston was carrying the GOP establishment’s water; constantly taking shots at McDonald and ridiculing the conservative members of the Central Committee, referring to them as “loons” among other things.

Here’s how badly in the tank Ralston was for the GOP establishment…

On Thursday, he obtained a draft document that had been proposed to McDonald to send to the entire Central Committee; a document that was pretty harsh on his opponent. To which Ralston tweeted…

“I wonder who would have penned that nasty missive for the GOP chair. Maybe @citizenoutreach knows?”

Note that Ralston used the Citizen Outreach twitter handle instead of using my personal one, which was nothing short of a naked, ham-handed attempt to insinuate that my non-profit organization, Citizen Outreach, was involved in partisan politics.

I responded…

“No idea. It wasn’t anyone from Citizen Outreach.”

Now bear in mind the document in question was never approved by McDonald and it never went out…a fact Ralston never even bothered to try verifying with McDonald before publishing it.

Shortly thereafter, McDonald issued a statement saying just that; that the document was never approved and never went out. That statement was sent to me and I posted it on my Muth’s Truths blog. I then tweeted the following and linked to McDonald’s statement…

“GOP chair sez @RalstonReports didn’t check facts (shocker!) b4 posting missive written by ‘overzealous supporter.’”

To which Ralston responded…

“@citizenoutreach denies involvement in missive, but defends GOP chair on silly alibi.”

To which I replied…

“I didn’t defend McDonald; just published his statement pointing out that you’re a sloppy ‘journalist.’ #stopbeingadick”

And that really got under the thin-skinned bloggers skin! Ralston then huffily tweeted…

“Never a bad day when you’re publicly attacked by a party chairman and his Internet thug, who uses classy phrases like ‘dick.’”

Um, “dick” is a word, not a phrase, but why quibble, right?

I swear this guy is truly the Hypocrite King.

Apparently it’s OK for him to use “classy phrases” such as “loonville” and “thug” when referring to conservative activists – but he got his widdle feelwings hurt at being told to stop acting like a “dick.”

In other words, Ralston can dish it out…but he can’t take it.

And let’s face it…if you walk like a dick, talk like a dick, blog like a dick and tweet like a dick…well, you’re a dick.

But, hey folks…Jon doesn’t like being told not to be a dick even though he’s being a dick. So whatever you do, please don’t email him at and tell him to stop being a dick even if he is being a dick. Because if you ask Ralston to stop being a dick when he’s being a dick, he’s really going to get mad at your for telling him to stop being a dick.

Also, please don’t go on Twitter and tweet any messages to @RalstonReports telling him to stop being a dick when he’s being a dick. Again, if you tweet @RalstonReports and tell him to stop being a dick when he’s being a dick, you’re gonna get him all upset and he might call you a “loon” or a “thug” or something even worse!

So even when Jon’s being a dick, PLEASE don’t email or tweet him urging him to stop being a dick because if you do, he’ll just act and write and blog and tweet like an even bigger dick.

He can’t help himself.

It’s his nature.


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