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The 8 shameful Republicans who killed Campus Carry

If you want to understand why so many conservatives border on hatred for many Republican elected officials, read on…

Right now, it is unlawful for a concealed carry permit holder to actually carry their concealed handgun with them on campus.  Even if it’s locked in their car.

And while discussion on this issue usually focuses on the ghastly experience of Amanda Collins, who in 2007 was brutally sexually assaulted in the parking garage at UNR in Reno, that’s far from the only example of bad guys using guns to hurt good guys without guns on college campuses.

Indeed, a student at the Cheyenne campus of CSN was the victim of an armed robbery just this past March.

“CSN has no parking garages for bad guys to hide in,” reports one of my readers.  “This was in a parking lot during daylight hours.”

Here’s the official police report on the incident…

3/23/15 1:50pm       

Chey – North Parking Lot     

Robbery with Deadly Weapon

An individual reported that while waiting in his vehicle, he was approached by an unknown individual carrying a weapon and was robbed.

So back to the main story…

In a vote on Thursday, Republicans in the state Assembly had a choice between voting with murderers, rapists and thieves…or innocent, law-abiding citizens just minding their own business.

Who do you think they voted with?

Nevada State Senate Majority Leader Michael Roberson and Senate Judiciary Chairman Greg Brower refused to give this session’s campus carry bill – “Amanda’s Law” (AB148) – a hearing or a vote after being passed in Assembly, 24-15, on April 6th with EVERY single Republican voting for it except Assemblywoman Melissa Woodbury and Steven Silberkraus, who were both excused.

Woodbury, however, was a co-sponsor of the bill and surely would have voted for it had she been there.

Since Brower and Roberson refused to give Amanda’s Law a hearing and committee vote before the deadline a week ago, gun rights supporters in the Assembly, led by Assembly Judiciary Committee Chairman Ira Hansen, were left with no choice but to try to amend the language for Amanda’s Law into a gun bill that had already been passed in the Senate.

The campus carry amendment that every Assembly Republican – except Woodbury and Silberkraus – voted for last month was added yesterday to SB175, an omnibus gun bill originally sponsored in the Senate by Roberson, which was passed on March 23rd with every Republican senator voting yes.

The only thing Republicans in the Assembly who voted for campus carry in April had to do was vote for the amendment to SB175 and send the two bills, combined into one, back over to the Senate.

I mean, how hard is that?

Seriously, all they had to do was vote for the same campus carry legislation THEY ALREADY VOTED FOR, in addition to other good gun rights measures that were included in SB175.  It was “two, two, two mints in one.”


But we’re dealing with Republicans here, folks.

The people who never blow an opportunity to blow an opportunity.

After two previous defeats of campus carry in Democrat-controlled legislatures in 2011 and 2013, this was a HUGE opportunity to finally pass Amanda’s Law.

Naturally, Republicans blew it.

Only one Democrat – proud to say, MY assemblyman, James Ohrenschall – voted in favor of adding campus carry to SB175.  The other 16 voted no.

So the anti-gun crowd needed five Republicans to kill campus carry by flip-flopping and voting against the amendment.

They got eight…

Paul Anderson: 775-684-8853

Derek Armstrong: 775-684-8839

Chris Edwards: 775-684-8857

James Oscarson: 775-684-8805

Stephen Silberkraus: 775-684-8855

Lynn Stewart: 775-684-8823

Melissa Woodbury: 775-684-8503

Jim Wheeler: 775-684-8843

“Remember these names,” wrote Las Vegas conservative activist Tony Warren after the vote.  “They are not worthy to serve as our representatives.  Damn them to HELL.”

That last name on the list is the most disappointing of all.

Wheeler was a leading advocate for campus carry in the last session.

And after he stepped in macaca by saying he’d vote for slavery if his constituents wanted it a year and a half ago – and was being ripped to shreds by liberals and the media – conservatives rallied to his defense.

Well, he just stuck a Crocodile Dundee-sized knife in our backs.

In fact, I’m told that Wheeler was the ring-leader who led the other seven to kill campus carry!

So much for voting for what his constituents wanted.

So much for dancing with the ones who brung ya.

I wonder what his price was?

Almost as bad is the fact that Wheeler, Armstrong, Woodbury and Oscarson CO-SPONSOREDthis year’s campus carry bill.

So they all were very actively for it before they were against it.


Equally complicit, the National Rifle Association and the Nevada Firearms Coalition sat by on the sidelines and let it happen!

Such profiles in courage.

In fact, the NVFAC actually sent out an email action alert to their supporters prior to the voteFALSELY claiming that Hansen was trying to kill SB175, when what he was really trying to do was pass BOTH bills.

They were more worried about repealing a largely unenforced “blue card” registration requirement in Clark County than empowering and protecting otherwise defenseless young women and other students on college campuses throughout Nevada.

By the way, folks, if you think you’ve been sold out by Republicans on gun rights (and you have been!), you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

Wait’ll you see how they screw you on TAXES!


Our good friend Janine Hansen at Nevada Families reported on another aspect of this shameful display of betrayal and cowardice yesterday.

Assembly Speaker-of-the-Weak John Hambrick called for a voice vote on the SB175/AB148 hybrid gun bill.  He ruled from the chair that the vote was too close to call and ordered a “division of the house.”

A division of the house simply means everyone who supports the bill stands up and the total is counted, and then everyone who opposes the bill stands up to be counted.

The problem with that is that each individual legislator is allowed to escape casting a RECORDED vote in the official record.

So conservative Assemblywoman Michele Fiore – God bless her – stood up and asked for a roll-call vote.

Hambrick ruled her out of order and rejected the request.

Fiore than asked for a one-minute recess – a request that rarely, if ever, is denied.

Hambrick rejected her request.

“So he (Hambrick) was in league with the anti-gun rights Republicans,” Hansen wrote. “This is a disgrace!!! Why elect Republicans when they betray us on the most basic liberty issues like self defense?”

Darned good question.  But back to Fiore…

After being shot down by Hambrick, the Las Vegas Republican immediately left the Assembly chamber and headed to her office where she called the lead lawyer at the Legislative Counsel Bureau (LCB), Brenda Erdoes, to ask if Hambrick really had the power to deny a request for a roll-call vote and/or one-minute recess.

But to give you an idea of just how paranoid and unhinged some folks are in Carson City about Fiore, apparently somebody thought she might have left the chamber to go get her gun and was afraid she’d come back and shoot the place up.

So, I’m told, legislative police were called to the first floor to secure the Assembly chamber and block Fiore from returning to her seat!


Eventually, Fiore was allowed back on the floor and later in the day rose and issued a statement, FOR THE RECORD, identifying by name the eight Republicans who turned tail and ran when the heat got too hot in the kitchen and sold out campus carry supporters.

God bless her.


“What is the face of a coward?  The back of his head as he runs from the battle.” –President Frank Underwood, House of Cards


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