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That was Then…This is Now

As anyone who knows me knows, one of the unpardonable sins for me in politics is hypocrisy – such as campaigning on a platform of moral values and then getting caught boinking one of your married campaign staffers. So I can’t let pass a major-league example of supreme hypocrisy displayed this week by Rew Goodenow, the Nevada GOP’s lawyer.

Hearken back, dear reader, to the winter of 2007. Nevada GOP chairman Paul Adams resigned in January. Republican Gov. Jim Gibbons made it clear that his choice to replace Adams was former Republican state Sen. Sue Lowden.

And it was critical to get her into the position, even on an “interim” basis, ASAP because the party was broke, the 2007 Legislature was about to convene, the presidential caucus needed to be planned, and an official election to fill the vacancy couldn’t take place for at least 60 days, by which time the session would be all but over.

But Goodenow decreed at the time that there was no way on God’s green earth for the party’s Executive Committee to appoint an interim chairman.

So Lowden was left cooling her stilettos until the election at the end of April, powerless to do anything to help the party or the governor for the entirety of the session.

Now fast-forward to this past Wednesday night. Lowden announced her decision to resign as chairman so she could explore a possible run against Harry Reid. An election to fill her position will take place sometime in early November. But guess what?

Chris Comfort was appointed interim chairman by the party’s Executive Committee….and Goodenow miraculously found a loophole here on God’s green earth allowing him to sanction the decision!



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