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Tempest in the Tea Party Pot

Meanwhile, tea party activists Karen Steelmon and Penny Hess have stirred up a major league hornet’s nest by promoting a fundraising event for liberal Democrat congressional candidate John Oceguera – running against incumbent conservative Republican Rep. Joe Heck – which is being hosted by uber-liberal Democrat Clark County Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani next month.

The rest of the tea party movement and legitimate tea party leaders are furious, with one suggesting Steelmon is either a fraud or a Democrat mole. Others are demanding to be taken off the pair’s email list. And I understand there’s a bucket of tar being heated up next to the feather-pillow factory.

Look, it’s one thing to be non-partisan; it’s another thing to be non-conservative. If a tea party group wants to promote a moderate Democrat vs. a liberal Democrat…fine. But to promote a liberal Democrat over a conservative Republican? That’s insane. If you’re a real tea partier, that is.

In the immortal words of Ricky Ricardo, Steelmon and Hess “have some ‘slainin’ to do.”


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