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Taxpayer Funded Femi-Nazis?

“AB185 makes an appropriation for the Women’s Research Institute of Nevada and the National Education for Women’s Leadership program,” writes Janine Hansen of Nevada Eagle Forum.  “The amount of money to be appropriated is $250,000 for the 2009-2010 school year, and another $250,000 for the 2010-2011 school year.

“After researching the Women’s Research Institute of Nevada,” Hansen continues, “we found this organization to be extremely political–supporting ideologies and philosophies which are antithetical to the majority of families in Nevada.  It claims to be diverse, but where is the diversity?  It only represents one side of the political spectrum.”

You can see the program’s leftist agenda for yourself HERE, though I have to admit when I first read about the “Women’s Oral History Project,” complete with photos, I was thinking of something else entirely.

I thought there wasn’t anything in the university budget which couldn’t be cut without closing down the entire university system?

Look, I have nothing against women pursuing a political and public policy agenda. Indeed, that’s exactly what the Nevada Eagle Forum does; only they pursue a truly radical agenda, such as two-parent families, traditional marriage, and parental choice in education.

The difference is that WRIN wants half a million dollars in TAXPAYER funding to advance its agenda. “This is not something that the taxpayers wish to fund in good times, let alone in our terrible economic crisis of today,” Hansen concludes.

Contact your state legislators today and urge them to VOTE NO on AB 185


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