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Tax-Hiking Republicans Get Screwed by Guv

While running for governor in 2006, Jim Gibbons promised the citizens of Nevada, in writing, that he would “oppose and veto any and all efforts to increase taxes.”

Two years later the teachers union gathered enough signatures to force the Legislature to vote on a proposal to raise the room tax 3 percent. Their initiative has never appeared on any ballot anywhere in the state of Nevada at any time, despite false assertions to the contrary by some. In fact, the teachers turned in their signatures and petition AFTER the November election. So don’t be fooled by fork-tongued politicians trying to fool you into believing otherwise.

Anyway, because the union gathered enough signatures to force a vote on the room tax hike in the Legislature this session, there was no reason for Gov. Gibbons to include it in his budget. There was going to be a vote on the tax hike either way. Nevertheless, instead of opposing the tax hike proposal, as he promised voters back in 2006, the governor DID include it in his budget.

Thus breaking his Tax Pledge for the second time – the first being his signature on an effort to raise taxes in Washoe County during the 2007 session.

And by putting the tax hike in his proposed budget, Gibbons gave wishy-washy spineless Republican legislators the excuse and cover they were looking for to vote for the tax hike. So now seven “bad” Republicans in the Assembly and four in the Senate have helped pass the third largest tax increase in Nevada’s history.

Which puts the ball back in Gibbons’ court. Of course, if his word is worth more than the proverbial warm bucket of spit the governor will veto the bill, just as he promised he would do back in 2006.

But Gibbons has said since he proposed this tax hike that he’ll sign it if passed by the Legislature. In fact, after the Assembly passed the tax hike a couple weeks ago, Gibbons’ spokesman Dan Burns assured the world that “The governor has always said yes to this increase.”

So he’s gonna sign it, right?


Remember, the governor’s word isn’t worth doodley-squat.

After all those Republican legislators stuck their political necks out to vote for governor’s proposed tax hike, the governor’s office has apparently said the governor will simply let the bill become law without his signature. The “spin” is that while the governor doesn’t support the tax hike that he himself proposed, he’s not going to stand in the way of the will of the people even though the people never voted on the tax hike.

So let’s review…

1.) The governor breaks his word to oppose any and all efforts to increase taxes by including a room tax hike in his budget proposal.

2.) The governor then lies over and over again by claiming the tax hike was approved by “the people” when it never was.

3.) The governor says he’ll sign the tax hike if approved by the Legislature.

4.) The Legislature approves the tax hike.

5.) The governor breaks his word by not vetoing the bill.

6.) The governor breaks his word by not signing the bill.

7.) And in so doing, the governor makes Senate Minority Leader Bill Raggio, Assembly Minority Leader Heidi Gansert and all the other GOP legislators who foolishly voted for his tax hike look like complete boobs.

Talk about no honor among thieves.


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