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Stupidity Virus Strikes Courtland, Virginia

OK, let’s say you’re a kid in a public middle school. In fact, let’s say you’re an “A” student. And let’s say you see a lady whom you know with her hands full…and you open the door for her. If you’re the school’s executive director of administration, what do you say to such a polite, thoughtful young student?

“You’re suspended!”

I kid you not.

At a prison camp…er, public school…in Courtland, Virginia, a man so well educated that he has the title “Dr.” in front of his name suspended a student for opening the door instead of making the woman “ring a buzzer and look into a camera before office personnel” let her in. Read it and weep

Adding bitter irony to colossal stupidity in this matter, you’ll never guess what the Southampton County School district’s slogan is? Ready for it? “We’re opening the doors to excellence.”

Give these boneheads a call and a piece of your mind Monday at (757) 653-9250.


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