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Stupid is as Stupid Does…and You Can’t Fix Stupid

At some point, you have to stop giving Assembly Republicans the benefit of the doubt as being merely naïve, inexperienced rubes and accept the reality that the Stupidity Virus has infected some of them. Here’s the deal:

Republican Senate Caucus director Jodi Stephens released a simple, updated, unambiguous statement on Tuesday, signed by all ten GOP senators:

“We, the undersigned members of the Nevada Senate Republican Caucus, seek to make it clear to those who negotiate and advocate for tax increases this session, whether those increases be new or the extension of the 2009 taxes set to sunset this year, that we remain firm in our opposition.”

Again, this statement was signed by all ten GOP state senators. And since Democrats cannot pass a tax increase without the votes of at least three GOP senators (more if they lose any in their own caucus, which is highly likely), any tax hike that might come out of the Assembly is dead, dead, DEAD on arrival.

The really unfortunate thing about the statement is that when Senate Republicans referred to “those who negotiate and advocate for tax increases this session,” they’re talking about their FELLOW REPUBLICANS in the State Assembly who, to this very minute, continue to negotiate with Democrats to extend the sunsets.

What makes this even MORE embarrassing for Assembly Republicans is that even some DEMOCRATS in the Assembly have finally come to the conclusion that there ain’t no way, no how, any tax hike is getting passed….while Assembly Republicans continue to negotiate for that which isn’t going to happen.

Stupid is as stupid does…and you can’t fix stupid.

Leading the Capitulation Caucus is freshman Assemblyman Mark Sherwood (R-Henderson), who insists that those of us who oppose negotiating for tax hikes “just don’t get it.”

Yes, this political svengali – who has been in office all of three months – is much, much, MUCH smarter than his ten, experienced fellow GOP colleagues in the state Senate, as well as his fellow Republican governor who ran on the campaign promise that he wouldn’t raise taxes and was elected overwhelmingly on that platform.

Please, please, please, don’t call Assemblyman Sherwood at (775) 684-8839, or email him at, and tell him to pull his head out of his keister and get behind the governor. I wouldn’t want him to get mad at me for telling you that his phone number is (775) 684-8839 and that his email address is

Seriously folks….do not call Assemblyman Sherwood at (775) 684-8839 or email him at to tell him to get his act together and get with the program.

I wouldn’t want to tie up his (775) 684-8839 phone number or flood his email box with messages reminding him that he was NOT elected to raise taxes.

(Was that sarcastic enough?)


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