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Apparently the economy isn’t so bad that Senate Minority Leader Bill Raggio doesn’t think coughing up an additional $300,000 for a new taxpayer-funded tax study is a good idea.

“Why would anybody be afraid of a tax study unless they are afraid of the outcome?” Raggio asked during a Senate Finance Committee hearing yesterday. The moderate Republican added later, “This doesn’t mean (a study) is being done to raise taxes.”

No, that’s EXACTLY what it means.

Which is exactly why many of us are scared to death of any such new tax “study.” We know darned well the “study” will be used solely for the purpose of justifying new and/or higher taxes.

Want proof?

The last tax “study” was conducted by Price-Waterhouse twenty years ago for the tidy sum of half a million dollars. And what were the study’s two major recommendations, as we were reminded by the Las Vegas Review-Journal this morning? “A three percent business profits tax and a requirement that consumers pay sales taxes on services such as dry cleaning and auto repairs.”

Who is Sen. Raggio trying to kid?


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