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Stop Calling the Kirner Tax the Kirner Tax

Despite authoring the amendment to circumvent the Gibbons Tax Restraint law by sending a sales and property tax hike scheme to the Washoe County Commission instead of voting on it at the Legislature; and despite the fact that he’s written an op-ed that was recently published by the Reno Gazette-Journal in support of the tax hike proposal; and despite the fact that he’s been pimping the tax hike proposal in town hall-type meetings all over the county for weeks now…Assemblyman Randy Kirner (Reno-RINO) is super-upset at me for referring to the proposal as the “Kirner Tax.”

So please, everybody, if you run into him try not to refer to the Kirner Tax as the Kirner Tax since the author of the Kirner Tax amendment and the Kirner Tax’s biggest booster doesn’t like it when people refer to the Kirner Tax as the Kirner Tax. OK? #kirnertax

Oh, and by the way…

The Republican primary opponent of the author of the Kirner Tax, Lisa Krasner, had an op-ed published yesterday in the Reno Gazette-Journal in opposition to the Kirner Tax in which she takes the Kirner Tax author to the woodshed for misleading the taxpayers of Washoe County about the nature of the Kirner Tax.

Click here to read it.

But again…PLEASE don’t refer to the Kirner Tax as the Kirner Tax!


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