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Stockton Chronicles: A Fool Rushes In

This guy Roger Stockton is a real piece of work.

Stockton, you’ll recall, drafted a letter to the Nevada GOP executive board opposing the Central Committee’s plan for pre-primary endorsements a couple weeks ago and leaked it to the press without so much as the courtesy of contacting the party chairman or head of the nominating committee first to make sure he had his facts straight.

Which he didn’t.

And because Stockton had so misrepresented the facts, I set the record straight on my Muth’s Truths blog.  In response, he and his boy, Justin, got their feelings hurt and threw a father-son hissy fit on Twitter and other social media.

Stockton also graced Jon Ralston’s little-watched community affairs program with an embarrassing appearance where he again demonstrated all the strategic political deep-thinking of  a snail-darter. Then followed that up with an email fundraising pitch in which he pitched another fit.  An excerpt…

“When my state’s Republican central committee tried to sneak in a proposal that very likely would alienate people within the party and hamper our efforts to attract new members, I spoke out in opposition and organized an effort to stop it. What I received in response was a series of vicious personal attacks by the party’s executive board and from an angry blogger supporting their plan. Not once did they try to present a better argument.”

You can always recognize when someone’s position is indefensible when they have to lie in defending it.

The fact is, the Central Committee never tried to “sneak in” the pre-primary endorsement proposal.  It was voted on at their regular meeting way back in September of last year.

Of course, the reason Stockton might have thought it was “snuck in” is because the guy’s never been involved in the party before and wasn’t at the meeting.  Gotta love such Jonny-come-lately’s who appear out of nowhere to tell all the veteran activists what they should be doing.

As for the so-called “vicious attacks” he claims to have suffered, well, as the saying goes, if you can’t run with the big dogs, stay on the porch.  Stockton blind-sided the party’s leaders with his letter and made the situation twice as bad by leaking it to the press before the executive committee even knew about it.

What did he think they were gonna do, thank him?  What a ‘shroom.

As for me being “angry,” he’s got me there.  I’ve never learned how to suffer fools gladly.  It’s one of my worst faults.  I also despise fork-tongued hypocrites who claim to be conservatives but then go out of their way to undermine the conservative movement.

Roger Stockton has shown himself to be an ill-informed, inexperienced strategic boob who has opted to play the role of “useful idiot” for the Republican Party establishment at the expense of limited government grassroots conservatives.  What’s not to be angry about?


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