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Stimulating Bigger Government

For Nevada to take some of the Uncle Barack’s stimulus money, it will have to create some new unemployment benefits which the state will have to continue funding long after the stimulus money runs out. That strings attached to the money are why Gov. Jim Gibbons is thinking about rejecting this portion of the federal “spendulus” plan. It would be fiscally short-sighted and irresponsible to do otherwise.

So naturally when a bill (ACR 17) came up for a vote to over-ride any such decision by the governor in the Assembly Ways and Means Committee yesterday, all four Republican members joined with Speaker Barbara Buckley and the Democrats in voting for it.

The four Republicans – and there’s sadly not a surprise among them, as all four recently also voted for the third largest tax hike in Nevada’s history – were Minority Leader Heidi Gansert, Assemblyman Pete Goicoechea, Assemblyman Joe Hardy and Assemblyman Tom Grady.

Assembly Republicans are making this session worse by the day – at least if you’re a limited-government fiscal conservative. Liberals are luvin’ ‘em to death!


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