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Staring Up from Rock Bottom…Some Light for Nevada Republicas?

You know me; I have no compunction whatsoever with ripping Republicans for royally screwing things up. But the screwed up caucus a couple weeks ago may have been rock bottom for the GOP…and now there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Republicans in the state Senate discovered last year that there’s life after moderate Republican leader Bill Raggio. And they now have a conservative fighter, not a go-along-to-get-along collaborator, in Sen. Michael Roberson leading the caucus.

Meanwhile, Assembly Republicans have tapped as their new leader Pat Hickey; more moderate than Roberson, but possessing some political skills and intuition, as well as an understanding of and appreciation for outside coalition building and cooperation.

And over at the Nevada GOP, it certainly looks like the new boss this coming April will be a conservative, bare-knuckle fighter in the form of former Las Vegas City Councilman Michael McDonald. McDonald, a former cop, is certainly willing to work with the “establishment,” but is equally willing to tell the elders to shove it. And a good chairman needs to do both on an ongoing basis.

Now, I’m not going to say anything bad here about Republican National Committeeman Bob List or Republican National Committeewoman Heidi Smith. But both should retire and not run for re-election at the state convention in May. The GOP is in a desperately needed rebuilding process and is on the right track. It’s time for some new blood and to give some new folks a shot.

It’s still gonna be an uphill climb for Senate Republicans to regain the majority, but not impossible. And even if Roberson comes up short, NO WAY you’re gonna see the same kind of wimpy minority opposition as in the past; cheerfully accepting table scraps from the majority.

And believe it or not, Assembly Republicans not only have a good shot at picking up seats in November, if just a couple things break their way, they legitimately have a shot at reaching a 21-21 tie…something the GOP hasn’t seen since 1995.

Now if only Republicans can break their addiction to never blowing an opportunity to blow an opportunity.


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