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Standing Up to the PC Pee-Pee Police

AB375 is a bill before the Nevada Legislature that simply says – get this – boys must use the boy’s restroom in public schools and girls must use the girl’s restroom.

Well, duh.

Yet the left is howling in horror at such a notion, claiming “transgender” kids will commit suicide if they can’t use whatever restroom they want.

Oh, puh-lease.

Liberal opponents – the PC (politically correct) Pee-Pee Police – have resorted to claiming “discrimination” and “institutionalized bullying” in order to advance their position – a clear indication that their position is on extremely weak ground.

But no matter how the PC Pee-Pee Police try to cloud this issue, it’s really not that tough…

If you have a, um, pee-pee, you pee-pee in the boy’s restroom.  If you do not have a pee-pee, you pee-pee in the girl’s restroom.

That’s not “bullying.”  That’s common sense.

But what if you’re a boy who “thinks” he’s a girl trapped in boy’s body who feels “uncomfortable” using the boy’s restroom?

Good grief.

Well, OK.  Whatever.

But if that’s the case, how is the proper solution to make all the girls who are actually girls uncomfortable by having a boy-who-thinks-he’s-a-girl using their restroom?

Why does this boy-who-thinks-he’s-a-girl have a “right” not to feel “uncomfortable” when using a restroom, but all the girls-who-think-they’re-girls don’t have a “right” not to feel uncomfortable by having that boy-who-thinks-he’s-a-girl in the restroom with them?

Doesn’t one person’s rights end where another’s begins?

And can you just imagine the uproar the first time the boy-who-thinks-he’s-a-girl tinkles on the seat or leaves the seat up?!!  There’ll be riots in the hallways!

Adults, who love to make simple issues complicated, came up with what, on the surface, appeared to be a simple solution:  Let any self-identified transgendered kids use a dedicated unisex restroom or a faculty restroom.  Problem solved.

Sorry, Charlie. That made too much sense.

The PC Pee-Pee Police hath declared that offering transgendered students the option of using a separate restroom if they feel uncomfortable using the appropriate gender-reality-based boy’s or girl’s restroom amounts to discrimination and a civil rights violation.

What a load of poopy-ka-ka.

Let’s slide down this slippery slope of insanity to its natural conclusion, shall we?

The argument here is that the boy “thinks” he’s a girl and, therefore, is entitled to be treated like a girl – including using the girl’s restroom.

Well, what if I “think* I’m a black guy trapped in white guy’s body?

Does that mean I should be entitled to preferential treatment in hiring and college admissions?

And shouldn’t I receive preferential treatment in landing a government contract or a small business loan, just like my darker-skinned fellow (please circle current politically correct term) black/colored/Negro/African-American brethren?

I mean, wouldn’t it be discrimination not to give me all the special benefits afforded to people-of-color minorities just because I’m a white guy who only “thinks” I’m black?

This whole issue, as well as the arguments of those who want to open the girl’s restrooms to boys, is absurd.  But you know the worst part?

Assemblywoman Vicki Dooling (R-Las Vegas) introduced AB375.

Yes, she’s a conservative. But she’s also one of the sweetest ladies you’ll ever want to meet.

I mean, when you picture grandma carrying a plate of freshly-backed chocolate-chip cookies into the backyard for the neighborhood kids playing in the sandbox, that’s Mrs. Dooling.

There’s isn’t a hateful bone in this woman’s body.

And yet, because of her common sense bill that says boys must use the boy’s restroom and girls must use the girl’s restroom, she’s been called every vile name in the book by the PC Pee-Pee Police.

They’ve accused her of being a bully.  Of being a hate-mongerer.  Of being a bigot.  She’s even been compared to the racial segregationists of the 1960s.

I know Vicki Dooling.  Vicki Dooling is a friend of mine.  And Vicki Dooling is none of those things.

I don’t know why more of Mrs. Dooling’s colleagues haven’t come more vocally to her defense, but even though this isn’t exactly a front-burner issue for me, I’ll be darned if I’m going to sit idly by and let some obnoxious, loud-mouths on the left…led by Nevada’s #2 liberal blogger-with-a-taxpayer-subsidized-TV-show…falsely smear this good woman.

Mrs. Dooling doesn’t deserve to be treated this way.

What she does deserve are some emails of support to counter-balance the hate-mail she’s getting from the left.  Why not send her one right now?



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