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St. Martin, Jones Go Face to Face

State senate District 9 candidates Mari St. Martin (R) and Justin Jones (D) squared off on Jon Ralston’s Face to Face show Monday night.

St. Martin comported herself well (except for the overuse of the phrase “you know,” you know). She had answers to the questions about the budget that EVERY Republican candidate should KNOW Jon is going to ask. Not the answers I would have given, but far better than the answers most GOP candidates give.

Jones, on the other hand, was a complete disaster. Came off as a sniveling, double-talking lawyer. In other words, he was himself. Ralston asked him straight, legitimate questions multiple times about his role in a high profile lawsuit, and each time Jones belched up weasel answers.

The depth of St. Martin’s stated fiscal conservatism is understandably questionable, as she has apparently listened to GOP leaders, lobbyists and her handlers instead of signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. That aside, she’s clearly preferable over Jones who, unbelievably, ended the debate denying there’s a housing crisis in his district.

Talk about clueless!


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