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SPECIAL EDITION: Muth’s Truths PLUS: August 27, 2023

* It’s Sunday, it’s a sunny day, and I’m feeling generous. So I’m sending out this edition of Muth’s Truths PLUS+ to all Muth’s Truths subscribers, not just Inner Circle members…

* The stink trailing Democrat Assemblywoman Michelle Gorelow – who voted to give a non-profit, The Arc, $250,000 in tax money in June (while cutting $250,000 from the Special Olympics), only to miraculously land a management job at The Arc just weeks later – is spreading.

* I just learned that Democrat Assemblywoman Tracy Brown-May – who also voted to give the non-profit a quarter-mil of public dollars – is “coincidentally” a member of the Board of Directors at The Arc (hat tip: Clayton Mitchell on Twitter).

* Birds of a crooked feather flock together.

* Giving public money to private charities is OK with these Democrats – unless it’s for Opportunity Scholarships for low-income, dark-skinned families.  The hypocrisy is so thick you’d need a chainsaw to cut through it.

* Brown-May’s campaign website is down for some reason, but a quick look at its archived site shows this on her “About” page…

* If she really wants to prioritize “Nevada’s students, teachers, and schools,” she’d support Opportunity Scholarships since they benefit “Nevada’s students, teachers, and schools.”

* But she doesn’t because she’s infected with TURDS (Teachers Union Rabies Disease Syndrome). And it’s telling that this supporter of the union-run public schools spelled “for” incorrectly.

* Gorelow should resign over this scandal.  So should Brown-May.  And I’m hearing through the grapevine that there’s still ANOTHER Democrat soon to be identified as wallowing in this unethical stink.

* There really ARE two systems of justice in America today: One for Democrats (especially Hunter Biden) and another for the rest of us (especially Donald Trump).

* Of course, there are defenders of Gorelow…but not just Democrats.  The “Mouth That Bored,” Nevada Republican National Committeewoman Sigal Chattah, is using the scandal to criticize…Republicans?

* Yep.  In a twit-tweet this morning, the Chattah Box scribbled…

“The greatest part of this story is that (R)ollover Kasama actually voted to give Gorelow’s ‘nonprofit’ that $250,000. Democrats don’t even need to try hard when they’ve got Republicans handing them money without even fighting for it.”

* She’s talking about Republican Assemblywoman Heidi Kasama, who last week entered the GOP primary for Nevada’s 3rd congressional district and will be facing off against Chattah’s professed candidate of choice, scandal-ridden Elizabeth Halseth-Helgelein.

* And by extension, the Chattah Box is also attacking the other ten Republicans in the Assembly who voted for the bill – including conservative stalwarts Richard McArthur, Rich DeLong, and Alexis Hansen.

* Don’t get me wrong.  I’ve criticized those same Republicans for the same vote on the same bill.  However, I am NOT a member of the REPUBLICAN National Committee.  The Chattah Box is.

* She obviously doesn’t know her place or role.  She may as well be the Democrats’ communications director.  Useful idiot for them; useless idiot for the GOP.

* Friendly conservative media voices are coming out opposed to the Nevada GOP’s “rogue” presidential caucus next February.  Excerpts from Jim Hartman’s Nevada Appeal column on Saturday…

“The Nevada GOP is insisting on holding its own caucus despite a state law passed in 2021 calling for a primary election. … This is a major public relations disaster for the GOP as Nevada Republican voters realize what the state party has done to them. But the party doesn’t care. …

“Nevada GOP Chairman Michael McDonald and Vice Chairman Jim DeGraffenreid, longtime Trump loyalists…believe Trump will crush his opposition in a tightly controlled caucus – where they can make and change the rules – but in an open primary, with vastly more Republican voters participating, the outcome would be less certain. …

“But for the Nevada GOP, nothing matters other than stacking the deck to assure Donald Trump gets the state convention delegates next February.  In 2020, the Nevada GOP canceled its presidential caucus to avoid Trump facing three Republican challengers.

“Trump repeatedly complains about rigged elections. In Nevada, both in the 2020 and 2024 nomination process, Trump’s the one doing the rigging.”

* What he said.

* Chris Stirewalt of The Dispatch seconded the emotion…

“Nevada’s Republican Party is a mess. … Nevada’s Republican chairman is named Michael McDonald…(who) seems determined to make sure Trump is the state party’s choice in its February 8 presidential caucus. …

“With a public, time-consuming process at a limited number of locations, the Republican caucuses in a good year might draw 75,000 participants in a state with more than half a million registered GOP voters.”

* In other words, the caucus will be quite exclusionary. What passes for the party’s brain trust – including Chattah – hasn’t learned that you win elections by addition, not subtraction; by multiplication, not division.

* A wrap-up note on Nevada’s U.S. Senate race…

* One, I endorsed Sam Brown in the GOP primary in 2022.  Two, I’ve been rather critical of Sam’s campaign in that race, as well as his campaign to date this time around (his fundraising gimmicks are, at best, silly; at worst, insulting).  That said…

* One of Brown’s opponents in next year’s primary, Dr. Jeff Gunter, went after Brown for using donations sold as going to help Republican candidates to instead help himself retire campaign debt from 2022.

* Fair enough. Legitimate issue. But Gunter also wrote that Brown “is a Never-Trumper.”

* You can say a lot of things about Sam Brown – good and bad – but accusing him of being a “Never Trumper” simply because Brown hasn’t endorsed Trump (or any other candidate for that matter) in the GOP presidential primary is bullsh*t.

* Brown endorsed Trump in 2020, volunteered on his campaign, and has continued to support the ex-prez over the weaponization of the Department of Justice – despite Trump endorsing Brown’s opponent in the 2022 U.S. Senate primary.

* If Brown’s a Never Trumper, then I’m a RINO – which I’ve been called for similarly not endorsing anyone in the presidential race yet.  When you make false accusations such as this out of blind loyalty to Trump, you lose credibility.

* Knock it off.


“Donald Trump and his allies have spent weeks praising Vivek Ramaswamy…Trump’s allies see Ramaswamy as sapping support and attention from the Florida governor (Ron DeSantis). … (Trump said) he ‘especially liked’ it when (Vivek) named him (in Wednesday’s debate) the greatest president of the 21st century.” – Bloomberg News, 8/26/27

“A biotech entrepreneur, (Vivek) Ramaswamy illustrates the difference between intelligence, which he has, abundantly, and judgment, which he lacks, utterly.” – Columnist George Will

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