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Sorry, But Not All Government Workers are Created Equal

Remember, it was Democrat Gov. Steve Sisolak who forcefully segregated us in the private sector into “essential” and “non-essential” categories when he started the #SisolakShutdown.

Alas, no such segregation has occurred among government workers.

And because Sisolak refused to impose layoffs on non-essential government workers way back in March when he screwed the rest of us, sending hundreds of thousands into the unemployment line, we’re now facing a $1.2 billion budget hole.

To address the hole, Sisolak and his enablers in the Legislature – Democrat Senate Majority Leader Nicole “Government Employee” Cannizzaro and Democrat Assembly Speaker Jason “Government Employee” Frierson – are pushing to “furlough” all state workers one day a month.

This is stupid.

Why should government workers who are legitimately “essential” – such as law enforcement and front-line health care workers – be required to take off one day a month without pay rather than laying off completely “non-essential” workers?

Similarly – and this issue might yet come up down the road – another way to balance the budget would be to reduce the salaries of government workers, especially since many are being paid far more than what similar jobs pay in the private sector.

But again, across-the-board pay cuts would be wrong.  Why should an essential employee have his or her pay cut instead of applying it to only non-essential employees?  Makes no sense.

Dear Nevadans: You voted to put Democrats completely in charge of our state government.  How’s that working out for us?


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