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Something You Might Not Know About Mitt’s Family Tree

Boston Globe’s Michael Kranish today reveals some little-known history of Mitt Romney’s family that goes beyond simply mentioning that his father was born in Mexico…

“George Romney was born in Mexico and was 5 years old when a revolution forced his family members in 1912 to flee their Mormon colony and seek refuge in the United States. But there are other elements to the Romney story that may explain why he doesn’t tell the full tale on the campaign trail. The reason that George was born in Mexico is that his grandfather – Mitt’s great-grandfather – had taken refuge there in order to escape US laws against polygamy. It was this family patriarch, Miles Park Romney, who established the colony and lived there with four wives. Mitt Romney has decried what he has called the ‘awful’ practice of polygamy and has never visited the colony, even though several dozen of his cousins continue to live there.”

Interesting. Not relevant. Just interesting.


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