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Something New Stinks at the House of Horsford

Maybe it’s just me, but I think this stinks to the rafters. The higher ed folks are squealing like stuck pigs over proposed budget cuts the university system. They claim they’re already cut to the bone. But as was noted here yesterday, they still have some $400,000 to waste on a stupid “Office of Diversity and Inclusion.”

But it’s even worse than that.

Today I received a copy of a flyer from UNLV promoting a book and February 22nd lecture being sponsored by the UNLV Office of Diversity and the UNLV Black Graduate Student Association (whiteys need not apply). The lecture will be delivered by the author of a new book titled “Learning in a Burning House,” about desegregation and the so-called “achievement gap” in education.

And guess who the author is that supposedly cash-strapped taxpayer-funded UNLV is feting?

Sonya Horsford.

Yep, the wife of Senate Majority Leader Steven Horsford – who is in a powerful position of control and influence over funding for taxpayer-funded UNLV. The university wouldn’t be sucking up by promoting the SML’s wife’s book now, would it? Not to mention selling a couple extra copies of the book to beef up the Horsfords’ bank account.

See, I told you it stunk.


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