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Something BIG to Celebrate on this NEVADA DAY

(Chuck Muth) – Nine Republican governors sent a letter to the NCAA on Monday urging it to change its policies related to college sports “to guarantee an environment where female college athletes can thrive without the concern of inequities.”

Specifically, the governors want an end to the current NCAA policy of allowing biological men to compete in women’s sports – not to mention shower with them!

“Policies that allow men and women to compete against one another validate an average male athlete stealing the recognition from a truly remarkable female athlete,” the letter reads.

The governors specially singled out how women’s swimmer Riley Gaines “lost” the 2022 swimming championship to “transgendered” Lia Thomas, who identifies as a woman but is really a man.

I mean, the “science” says so, right?

“Riley’s lifetime of achievement was ripped away from her by someone who shouldn’t have even been in the race,” the letter continued.  “All for a photo op.”

And yes, Nevada’s Gov. Joe Lombardo was one of the nine signers.

Speaking of Gov. Lombardo…

Too many Nevadans continue to underestimate the man.  Some still think of him as just some “beat cop” who doesn’t understand the depth and breadth of running a state.

Big mistake.

The man understands far more than he’s given credit for.  And if you have any doubt, I encourage you to watch the interview he did this weekend with Amber Renee Dixon on “Nevada Week.”

Dixon asked some tough but fair questions – not like the kind of “gotcha” questions too many other reporters ask.  Questions on education, health care, the assisted suicide bill, the A’s stadium, the looming Culinary Union strike, etc.

Lombardo didn’t do the traditional political hem-and-haw.  He gave direct answers to direct questions.  The man knows the job, knows his facts, and knows exactly what he wants to do during his time in the captain’s chair.

And you’ll probably be surprised at his answer to the question about his record-breaking 75 vetoes in the 2023 session.

If you’re looking for flamboyance and entertainment, you need to look elsewhere.  Lombardo is a man with his nose to the grindstone and a single-minded focus on “getting sh*t done.”

He’s all steak, little sizzle.  And it’s USDA Prime, not horse meat. And I’m not just saying that because he paid me $1.00 at our event with him back in August!

You can dial it up and see for yourself.  Click here.

And if you’re trying to find something to celebrate this Nevada Day with everything else going to hell in a handbasket around the world, just be grateful that Steve Sisolak is no longer governor this year, scaring the hell out of everybody!

Oh, and Happy Halloween, too!

Meanwhile, over at Steve Yeager’s “Favor Factory”

(Better Nevada PAC) – While the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s latest report on the Culture of Corruption scandal in Carson City exposed many new questions for members of the party who funnelled taxpayer funds to organizations to which they currently have ties, a trio of Democrat lawmakers are refusing to answer for their involvement.

The Review-Journal reports that Senators Marilyn Dondero Loop, Dina Neal, and Assemblywoman Bea Duran all refused to comment on their ties to organizations that received public funds. But Dondero-Loop’s case was the most egregious, scrubbing her website bio mentioning the organization in question after the Review-Journal reached out to her.

Here’s her legislative bio from before:

Here’s what it looks like now:

“Marilyn Dondero Loop, Dina Neal, and Bea Duran are all elected public servants who appear to have no interest in being transparent and accountable to the people who elected them,” said Better Nevada PAC spokesman John Burke.

“These legislators have exempted themselves from open records requests and public meeting laws, now they won’t even answer to the media for their actions. They believe they are above the rules, but they and their colleagues will find out how mistaken they are at the ballot box in 2024.”

Help Wanted

You can’t put toothpaste back in the tube and we’re not going to be able to put the AI (artificial intelligence) genie back in the bottle.

So conservatives better learn how to use this technology to their benefit before being left in the dust by the commies.

When it comes to using AI in politics, I know what the technology is capable of and what I want it to do to help elect more of our candidates.

But I’m a technotroglodyte and don’t know how to make it do all that I want it to do…and don’t have the time to learn.  Only so many hours in a day.

So if you’re already familiar with tools such as ChatGPT and might be willing to volunteer to help me out with some projects, shoot an email to

7 Worst Habits of Highly Unelectable People

  1. Picking the wrong race
  2. Picking the wrong district
  3. Picking the wrong issues
  4. Picking the wrong time
  5. Picking the wrong consultants
  6. Picking unnecessary fights with the media
  7. Picking door-knocking over fundraising


“Home schooling has become — by a wide margin — America’s fastest-growing form of education, as families from Upper Manhattan to Eastern Kentucky embrace a largely unregulated practice once confined to the ideological fringe, a Washington Post analysis shows.

“The analysis — based on data The Post collected for thousands of school districts across the country — reveals that a dramatic rise in home schooling at the onset of the pandemic has largely sustained itself through the 2022-23 academic year, defying predictions that most families would return to schools that have dispensed with mask mandates and other covid-19 restrictions.

“The growth demonstrates home schooling’s arrival as a mainstay of the American educational system, with its impact — on society, on public schools and, above all, on hundreds of thousands of children now learning outside a conventional academic setting — only beginning to be felt.”

– Washington Post, 10/31/23

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