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Snowflake Alert: Dallas Harris Throws Hissy Fit over Valentine’s Day Card

(Chuck Muth) – The Church of Perpetual Indignation – er, excuse me, I mean the Nevada Legislature – is now in session.  As such, various legislators were in high dudgeon on Tuesday over a Valentine’s Day card delivered to Democrat State Sen. Dallas Harris during a school choice rally in Carson City.

Oh, the sound and fury!

“I am appalled by the message that school voucher advocates delivered to Sen. Harris,” thundered Democrat Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro.  “Political rhetoric that intentionally stokes racial tensions or suggests that LGBTQ+ students, parents, teachers, or staff should not be welcome in our schools is vile.”

“Majority Leader @Nicole4Nevada is 100% right,” wailed Democrat Assembly Speaker Steve Yeager. “There is no place for hate in the Silver State…”

“I am appalled that anyone would send this garbage to my friend and colleague @DallasHarrisNV,” roared Democrat Sen. Melanie Schiebel.

“This was intentional and absolutely unacceptable,” stormed Democrat Assemblywoman Cecelia González.

But “woke” indignation is a bipartisan phenomenon…

“I strongly condemn the message Senator Dallas Harris received,” bleated Republican Senate Minority Leader Heidi Gansert, who labeled the Valentine’s Day card as an effort to “stoke fear and hate” against a group of people.

Wow. Whatever was written on that card must have been really, really, REALLY bad, right?


The note simply read: “No more CRT or LGBTQ+ in our schools!”

“CRT” stands for “Critical Race Theory,” which seeks to portray the United States of America as a systemically racist country.  “LGBTQ+” is an alphabet soup acronym for non-heterosexuals.

Look, you don’t have to be a “racist” or a “homophobe” to object to indoctrinating our kids with “woke” education in public school classrooms where kids aren’t even learning their ABC’s and 1+1=2.  In addition, the card clearly was talking about curriculum choices, not individuals who are gay or black.

But Harris – a racial arsonist who happens to be a black lesbian – saw an opportunity to fan racial flames by making the card public because “it bothered me.”

Wahhhhh! Suck it up, buttercup.

But Harris is also using the card as an excuse to oppose school choice for poor and minority students.  “This is a question about what are we funding out of our tax dollars,” she said in an interview.

And THAT’S what all this fuss is really about.

“It is incumbent upon the Legislature to ensure that taxpayers aren’t subsidizing discriminatory curricula,” added Cannizzaro.  “Advocates for expanding voucher programs should expect to answer tough questions in the months come.”

The card wasn’t a “hate” message.  It didn’t “stoke fear.”  It didn’t say gay students shouldn’t be “welcome in our schools.”  It simply objected to certain curriculum being taught to captive kids in public school classrooms.  And the whiners know it.

They also don’t care.

They’re using the card from ONE PERSON to tar an entire group of people who support school choice as “racists” and “homophobes” in an effort to keep as many Nevada students trapped in failure factory classrooms as possible.

This is all about killing school choice.  Period.

It’s as shameful as it is expected.  Sadly, though, some Republicans fell right into the trap. As usual.


“In 2016, I declared, I am your voice. Today, I add, I am your warrior. I am your justice. And for those who have been wronged or betrayed, I am your retribution.” — Donald Trump at CPAC

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