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Slamming Democrats for Voting Like RINOs

In a mailer against Democrat state senate candidate Joyce Woodhouse, who’s running against Republican Steve Kirk, the Republican State Leadership Committee slams Woodhouse for “increas(ing) sales tax, payroll tax and vehicle registration as part of her big tax agenda.”

The problem is, Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval and Sen. Michael Roberson now back that exact same “big tax agenda” as, apparently, do all of the other GOP state senate candidates who have refused to take a firm stand against extending those “sunsets.”

In a separate but similar RSLC mailer targeting Democrat state senate candidate Sheila Leslie, voters are warned: “Times are Tough. Why Would You Vote for Someone Who Wants to Raise Your Taxes?”

Good question. Except that her Republican opponent, Sen. Greg Brower, now favors raising the exact same taxes Leslie has voted to raise.

The mailer also advises us to “Vote November 6th against Sheila Leslie’s higher taxes.”

OK, fine. But by definition, since Sen. Brower supports the same tax hike as Leslie, doesn’t that mean voters should vote against him, too? Is it any wonder voters are confused as to what Republicans in Nevada stand for?

Seriously…how can Republicans with a straight face attack Democrats for voting for tax hikes that were also voted for last year by the following Republicans:

Sen. Ben Kieckhefer
Sen. Joe Hardy
Sen. Mike McGinness
Sen. Dean Rhoads
Assemblyman Pete “Tax My Meat” Goicoechea
Assemblyman Tom Grady
Assemblyman Scott Hammond
Assemblyman Ira Hansen
Assemblyman Pat Hickey
Assemblyman Randy Kirner
Assemblyman Kelly Kite
Assemblyman Mark Sure-Would
Assemblyman Lynn Stewart
Assemblywoman Melissa Woodbury

So who’s the bad guy here? Me (and others) for pointing out how some Republicans violate core principles of the GOP platform…or those Republicans who violate core principles of the GOP platform?


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